How About Some Offense, Please?

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According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, manager Terry Collins suggested he might give our current lineup a month — with Curtis Granderson No. 2, Daniel Murphy No. 4 and Lucas Duda No. 6 — before eventually placing Duda in the cleanup spot.

“We’ve put a lot on Lucas’ plate in the past week,” Collins said about the reluctance to use Duda as a cleanup hitter now. “I don’t want to pile on.”

While we are watching most every night an offense that is struggling to perform, everyone is wanting to upgrade.  It’s not easy to get new players, so what can we do with what we have?  First let’s take a look at what has been going on.  Let’s look at the last ten games.

The leadoff hitter, Eric Young Jr., is batting .194, but has a .341 OBP.  The #2 hitter, Curtis Granderson, is hitting .108 with a .150 OBP.  David Wright is hitting .356 with almost a .400 OBP, but only has three runs scored.  Daniel Murphy has been hitting .239 with only one walk and two RBIs.  Chris Young has been here for six games and has a .238 average.  The sixth place hitter, Lucas Duda, is batting .303 with a .361 OBP. Travis d’Arnaud started slowly and while he has hit only .219 in his last ten games, he’s had some decent at-bats and could be warming up. Ruben Tejada is hitting a very empty .172.  In the power department, there has been only one homerun, by Duda.

So, here is our batting order the last ten games:

  1. .194
  2. .108
  3. .356
  4. .239
  5. .238
  6. .303
  7. .219
  8. .172

Pretty sad.  Here are some proposed changes:

  1. Bring up Wilmer Flores already.  What is the delay?  Tejada does not have big expectations like a Granderson so we aren’t expecting much and Omar Quintanilla has NO range and no bat.  Can’t Flores do at least that with hopefully some pop and offense?
  2. Switch Duda and Granderson.  While Collins wants to shelter Duda from the cleanup spot, the better spot to utilize his walks would be in front of Wright and Murphy.
  3. Bat Chris Young leadoff and EYJ ninth.  Collins talked about doing this and like anything else he has said he would do, we have not seen it.  However, having the two Youngs in front of Duda, Wright, and Murphy couldn’t hurt.  This way, EY’s low run production is ok in the #9 spot and we can afford to give him one less plate appearance per game. 

Hence, here is my proposed lineup:

  1. Chris Young
  2. Lucas Duda
  3. David Wright
  4. Daniel Murphy
  5. Wilmer Flores
  6. Curtis Granderson
  7. Travis d’Arnaud
  8. Pitcher
  9. Eric Young Jr. 

I think this new lineup consolidates our better hitters at the top and gives Granderson a less stressful environment to get his bat going.  When Granderson does get going, we can simply adjust.

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