Boomer and Carton to Daniel Murphy: Get Your Ass Back To Work!

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April 2

Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason of WFAN ripped Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy for taking paternity leave rather to be with his wife in Florida after the birth of his son. Said Esiason, “Get your ass back to work.”


Neil Best of Newsday also reported that WFAN’s Mike Francesa dedicated an entire segment to paternity leave. “As far as MLB players taking paternity leaves, I’d rather go out and get a couple of hits if I was a player.”

When told that WFAN employees getting 10 days for paternity leave, Francesa said, “That’s a scam-and-a-half.”

Here is the video of Boomer and Carton:


I addressed Mets fans being wrong on this issue last night, but this is infinitely worse.

By the way, both Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins were asked about this during their press conference and each laughed it off as nonsense. “I’m very happy for Daniel Murphy,” Sandy said.

Murphy is expected back to the lineup tomorrow. 

April 1

I am not a guy who’s very big or keen on Twitter or Facebook. I just don’t get the same entertainment value out of these social mediums that most everyone else I know do. Like David Wright said last week, “it’s just not for me.” Still, I use it to follow mostly Mets media, players, executives, and die-hard fans whose opinions interest me.

I often read about many of the abuses with Twitter. Unfortunately, I’ve seen players I love get killed and disrespected by so-called fans in the most tasteless and vulgar ways. They say things I know they wouldn’t have the courage to say to these players’ faces.

I know that most players realize that the overwhelming majority of us Met fans are good and decent people who love the team and root for all the players to do well. I’d guess that 99.9% of Mets fans all fall into that group. We’re mostly great and passionate fans of all ages and all walks of life who are bound together by our love of the team.

But oh how I hate it when that .01% makes us all look bad.

I just came across this post on NBC Sports where Craig Calcaterra wrote that some Mets fans are not happy about Daniel Murphy taking paternity leave.

He included some tweets:

Calcaterra ends his post:

Great day for Mets fans. Banner day.

I did a separate search of “Daniel Murphy” on Twitter and I was so appalled at what I found. It’s embarrassing.

When I first heard that Daniel Murphy and his wife Victoria had a healthy son and named him Noah, I felt so happy for them. Longtime readers here know that Murph’s one of my favorite players.

But regardless of how you feel about Murphy, or any other Mets player for that matter, how can you begrudge his right as a father to be with his wife for the birth of their child and to spend another day or two with their new baby?

If there is a more significant moment in any man’s life than the birth of his child, I’d like to know what it is. It’s a shame that some people would deny Murphy that moment rather than have him miss a couple of games to be with his family.

Seriously, what’s the matter with some of you? Stop taking this game so seriously… And most of all, stop making the rest of us Met fans look so bad!

Hopefully, Murph will soon share a picture of Noah, like his teammate Dillon Gee did last month.

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