Which Mets Prospects Can Fill Current Team Needs?

New York Mets Spring Training at their Minor League practice facility located within Tradition Field in Florida

In an article for MLB.com, Bernie Pleskoff took a look at how the current crop of Mets prospects may fit into the major league teams needs. It’s an interesting topic of discussion and here’s some of what Pleskoff had to say:

For this season, right-handed prospect Noah Syndergaard could potentially fill the roll as a fifth starter.

Syndergaard, a huge right-hander at 6-foot-6, 240 pounds, uses a high-velocity fastball and a devastating curveball to miss bats and control a game. Pitching downhill with his large frame, the ball reaches the hitter in a flash.

It’s no surprise that Noah was the first name brought up. With a potential open rotation spot the 6’6 righthander’s name is bound to arise, although it isn’t likely to happen until at least June. However, a prospect who could break camp with the Mets is Rafael Montero, who Pleskoff also touched on– as well as Jacob deGrom.

Right-handed pitcher Rafael Montero has a 2.51 career ERA in three Minor League seasons. His WHIP is 1.01, and he is an excellent starting pitching option.

Right-handerJacob deGrom may join Montero as a rotation starter. deGrom lost some development time to injury in the past, but his plus fastball and slider may work well in the future Mets rotation.

I think I speak for most Mets fan when I say that I hope Montero and deGrom get a fair look when it comes to cracking the opening day rotation. It appear Terry Collins is pulling for veterans John Lannan and Daisuke Matsuzaka. However, I think if Sandy Alderson feels either Montero or deGrom is ready he won’t hesitate to overrule Collins.

There are certainly some bullpen spots up for grabs, and there’s several young names who have the potential to step in and be effective.

The Mets’ bullpen has been successful at times and has been problematic as well. Adding Kyle Farnsworth could help.

Rookie right-handed relief pitcher Vic Black has the velocity and arm strength that can help get the game to the back end of the bullpen. But he has to be able to consistently throw strikes to be effective.

Pitcher Jeurys Familia is a big, strong right-handed pitcher with a limited repertoire that is best suited for the bullpen. Familia has trouble finding a consistent release point, resulting in spotty command and control. There is little question his arm is strong enough to be meaningful in the mid-to-late part of a game. Familia could claim a role in the Mets’ ‘pen this spring.

It appears that Black and Familia both appear headed for bullpen spots. Pleskoff could have touched on players like Jeff Walters and Jack Leathersich, who are also in competition for relief roles. Both have great seasons in the minors last year and can strike out batters at extremely high rates.

The article then went on to look at some other players who are further down the road. Players like Brandon NimmoCesar Puello and Domingo Tapia. However I feel like since those players aren’t likely to see the majors this year (with perhaps the exception of Puello if all goes well) there’s no real way to tell how they fit into the teams needs since we don’t know what those needs will be.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Photo credits: Anthony J. Causi

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