This Day In Mets Infamy: Boo Birds Please Stay Home Tomorrow


Tomorrow at 1:10 p.m  a new season will start for the New York Mets. The new Mayor of New York City, Bill DiBlasio is set to throw out the first pitch. The National Anthem will be sung by local a cappella group, and the big highlight will be a tribute to Mets announcing great, Ralph Kiner. This will include the unveiling of a commemorative logo above the left field wall (hopefully it will be forever enshrined as “Kiner’s Korner”) as well as another logo on the grass behind home plate.

citi field fans opening dayIt should be a great day as we welcome back our boys in Orange and Blue and celebrate a new season.

What we shouldn’t be hearing or seeing tomorrow is booing and cat-calling of our players during the pre-game introductions of this seasons roster.

In the past few years there have been pockets of fans that have felt that it’s their right to unleash their bile and venom at players that they feel in their eyes should not be on this team. I have seen this happen to Mike Pelfrey. I have seen this happen to Jon Rauch and Ike Davis. Hell, I have seen the even members of the Mets medical and training staffs get unmercifully booed. And all I can say is that in my opinion this is unbecoming behavior as a Mets fan.

Look I get it. Many fans are restless over the past five years of losing as well as the many broken promises and shrinking payrolls. But to boo a player before the season even starts? Can’t we just save the coarse venom and anger until at least the middle of April if you must? Can’t we wait until we see some games first?

C’mon guys we are Mets fans – we are better than this… aren’t we?

And with that said…. HERE COMES THE INFAMY!!!!

Mets alumni celebrating a birthday today includes:

Middle reliever from the ’91 season, Terry Bross  is 48 (1966). Since his retirement from the game, Bross has become a sports agent and represents players such as Bronson Arroyo.

Other transactions of note include:

The New York Mets traded relievers, Bill Denehy and Dean Chance to the Detroit Tigers for minor league pitcher, Jerry Robertson on March 30, 1971.

The New York Mets released reserve outfielder,  Jesus Alou on March 30, 1976.

The New York Mets traded reserve outfielder, Benny Ayala to the St. Louis Cardinals for minor league second baseman, Doug Clarey on March 30, 1977.

The New York Mets traded  minor leaguers, Gene Autry and Ken Reed to the Chicago White Sox for middle reliever, Randy Niemann on March 30, 1985.

The New York Mets traded middle reliever, Terry Bross to the San Diego Padres for minor league pitcher, Craig Bullock on March 30, 1992.

The New York Mets traded minor league pitcher, Steve Long  to the Florida Marlins for spot starter/middle reliever,  Robert Person on March 30, 1994.

The New York Mets traded starting pitcher, Anthony Young and minor league pitcher,  Ottis Smith to the Chicago Cubs for shortstop/second baseman, Jose Vizcaino on March 30, 1994. This deal was a true steal. We were able to unload Young – a decent pitcher who held the longest streak of losses (due to bad luck and being on a crappy team) for Vizcaino – one of the better athletes to play shortstop for the Mets.

The New York Mets traded reserve outfielder, Endy Chavez to the Kansas City Royals  for minor league outfielder, Mike Curry on March 30, 2001.

The New York Mets claimed utility infielder,  Wilson Valdez on waivers from the Chicago White Sox on March 30, 2005.

The New York Mets signed free agent middle reliever, Ken Takahashi on March 30, 2009.

The New York Mets claimed middle reliever, Manny Acosta on waivers from the Atlanta Braves on March 30, 2010. Acosta spent parts of 3 seasons with the Mets and was erratic at best.

The New York Mets released middle reliever ( the diminutive)  Danny Herrera on March 30, 2013.

Today’s Mo Vaughn-Ism

Don’t even bother to get on line for Shake Shack tomorrow – Mo Vaughn has already hired squatters so he can have the entire stand to himself!!!