MMO Fan Shot: Can We Stop Being So Afraid for Matt Harvey Please?

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A MMO Fan Shot by Salty Gary

Hi Mets fans, can we have a little discussion about our “Dark Night” Matt Harvey? The Mets’ front office and many fans alike don’t want Matt Harvey to be a headline this season. We generally agree that we should focus the discussion on the team that takes the field this season and their performance.

My question is what is driving the latest Matt Harvey storyline? Is it Harvey’s ego or is it our own paranoia? Are we the ones creating the headlines about Matt Harvey because we are afraid of losing him to SOMETHING? Oh no, not something! Something always does something! I hate something!

Do we manifest these fears because we relate them to the past behavior of previous Mets players?

As Mets fans we have become so accustomed to drama and turmoil and devastating news – driven in part by the exploits of the last few seasons. It’s as if we now expect something bad to occur. And sometimes we even need it to occur. After all, what else is there to talk about… winning?

While following the Mets has taken on all the allure of a TMZ driven franchise, is it because we want it that way? Because truth be told, it does not have to be that way.

Let’s look at some of the public off-the-field actions that have emblazoned Harvey in the headlines and the gossip columns:

  • Matt Harvey likes to go to hockey games and has been seen at games with fellow teammate Daniel Murphy whose favorite type of music is Christian Rock, and has stated that if he wasn’t playing baseball he would be a Christian Minister.
  • Matt Harvey scored himself a hot supermodel girlfriend for the year and got to travel the globe with her during the offseason.
  • Matt Harvey did a Jimmy Fallon appearance.
  • Matt Harvey loves Qualcomm so much that he called into the Dan Patrick Show and promoted them a bit too much… Okay, a bit too, too much.
  • Matt Harvey takes care of his body so well that ESPN the magazine selected him to be featured nude in their annual “Body Issue” last year.

What an ego on the guy, is he kidding me?

Harvey is evidently out of control, how can he possibly manage that kind of work-life balance? That kind of an ego can only lead to one thing – his downfall. Or maybe not… I remember other Mets doing these same kinds of things and somehow it didn’t ruin their focus or their on-field performance. In fact, quite the contrary.


Remember when R.A. Dickey did appearances with David Letterman, and the CBS Morning Show? Remember when he told the Mets brass that he was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and there was nothing they could do to stop him. Jeez, the ego on that guy.

reyes body issue

And how about Jose Reyes? He may be the one who paved the way for Matt Harvey. That ego-maniac posed nude for the ESPN body issue too, remember? And who can forget his annoying dancing on the field after scoring a run?

Those actions negatively impacted the performance of these players so much so, that Dickey ended up winning a Cy Young award. And that Reyes guy… Well he ended up winning the NL batting title.

Of course, there are also the real tragedies of some of our Mets stars like Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. Coming up so quick and so promising they indulged and succumbed to their fame and it ultimately took away their greatest gift.

Matt Harvey is none of these people that I detailed. He can go on to do media tours and thrive or he can get caught up in his own fame and burn away. Whatever path he takes, our fear of the unknown is not going to change anything.

It is up to Harvey and the people around him to keep our injured ace focused on the primary goal at hand, which is to be a successful ballplayer and help this team win a title. It’s for this reason that I have no worries or reservations about him rehabilitating himself in New York. I actually encourage it.

If he was to rehabilitate at Port St. Lucie, he will be undoubtedly be surrounded by trainers that will help him in his process to get back on the field. However, he does have to leave the facility at the end of the day, and that is why I am empathetic to why he would rather be in New York. He’s a young guy and it’s irrational to expect him to stay cooped up in his St. Lucie apartment waiting to go back into rehab the next day. In Florida he will be away from his friends and family and there are only so many movies he can watch for five or six months. The last thing that I want to see is him pushing his rehab to get home sooner.

If he was to rehab in New York, Harvey would have access to some of the greatest trainers in America. He also grew up in New London, Connecticut which is about a 1.5 hour drive from Manhattan. Being in a familiar area, close to friends and family is exactly the type of environment we should want him in. Having him comfortable with support systems around, will keep him mentally in tune so he can focus his energy on his physical side. Just because it’s standard practice for all players to stay in Florida to rehabilitate, it doesn’t mean it’s the right policy for all players. That’s probably why the CBA gives all players the right to choose their rehab venue.

In Matt Harvey’s case, I believe being with his teammates, family and friends is the right way to go even if it’s not the way the Mets typically handle their rehabs. Make the exception, keep morale high, and be unafraid to think outside the box. Set aside any fears.

Mets fans we cannot put Matt Harvey in a cage and just yell out “Bring out the Gimp” every fifth day. That won’t keep him from doing what he wants. As fans we need to support him and stop being so afraid of what he is doing. Let the young man have some fun and promote himself if that’s a part of the fun for him. Only Harvey can control the excess around him and so far he is handling it like a professional.

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