Matt Harvey and Mets Work Out Plan to Rehab in NYC


March 24

Mike Francesa of WFAN first reported that Matt Harvey is going to rehab in NYC, as opposed to Port St. Lucie.

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York is now confirming the news.

Harvey tentatively has a plan set up with Mets officials that will allow him to rehab in New York during the season. He then would head to Port St. Lucie to face minor-league competition when he is ready to seriously gear up for games, a source confirmed to 

I’m glad this issue has finally been settled. 

March 18

On Tuesday afternoon, when Andy Martino of the Daily News was conducting an interview with starting pitcher Matt Harvey at Tradition Field, Mets PR director Jay Horwitz approached the two of them and allegedly tried to stop the interview.

Things then got very uncomfortable according to Martino. Here is his account of what happened:

About seven minutes into our conversation, Harvey and I noticed Mets PR man Jay Horwitz standing in front of us, glaring.

“He’s alright, Jay,” Harvey said. “Jay, he’s alright.”

“What?” I said to Horwitz.

“I’ll talk to you later,” Horwitz said to me.

“OK,” I said, but Horwitz did not move.

“He’s good, Jay,” Harvey said again. “He’s good. If somebody at the top needs to talk, I’ll talk to him.”

“You’re causing me some problems,” Horwitz said to me.

“OK,” I said, then turned back to Harvey.

“Are you writing something?” Horwitz said. “Can I –”

“Jay,” Harvey said. “If somebody needs to talk to the Players’ Association, I have a right to have him writing about me.”

Not wanting to make the situation any more awkward for Harvey, I turned off my recorder and wrapped up the conversation.

Harvey expressed his frustration to Martino. “It’s just the fact that I have been not allowed to talk to anybody, and that every tweet or Instagram I send is, do not write.”

The Mets righthander also has another issue with the team, he’d like to return to New York when the team heads north to continue his rehab. However, the Mets want him in Florida.

“The biggest part is wanting to stay with the team. To learn the league. To learn Travis (d’Arnaud). To learn how to bond with the other starting pitchers, and the guys in the clubhouse, and the David Wrights who I plan on playing with.”

“I have worked so hard to get to the point where I was, and all of a sudden I get hurt, and it’s ‘you’ve got to stay in Florida. You’ve got to disappear from New York, you’ve got to do this.’ I took pride in living in New York, and being a New Yorker. I live there all year round. It’s a place I love being.”

He continued, impassioned: “I love going to the ballpark every day.  I love watching. I love being the first guy in the dugout when we have a home game, and giving guys high five every time they come off the field. I take pride in that.  And with that, I think being a good teammate is part of being a leader, and that’s how I’d like to see myself.”

After all of this, Sandy Alderson met with Harvey who later told Martino that he felt much better.

Jay Horwitz told reporters that Matt Harvey will address the entire media tomorrow. 

Boy oh boy… It’s always something…

Seriously though, you could almost see this one coming from a mile away…

With the way the Mets were trying to control his every move, and knowing what a dominant personality Harvey is, it was only a matter of time until things eventually blew up.

Hopefully the two sides can work this out and not let it simmer and continue to get worse.

The last thing the team needs is a cloud like this hanging over them before the season even gets underway.

Ironically, last week the Mets said they didn’t want to make Harvey the story this season… But guess what… They just did…

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