April Bobbleheads Throughout the Majors

The individual team MLB sites are currently listing 19 different bobblehead giveaways throughout the month of April. Some of them are pretty awesome.  The R.A. Dickey bobble looks great.  Michael Cuddyer is a Gnome in what looks like a smoking jacket.  The Big Papi one is spot on.  The Cubs are going Old School all season.  The Giants are honoring their longtime announcer with a bobblehead as a Cleveland Indian with those 1970s red jerseys (but they spared us the red pants).  Hunter Pence is um…. unusual?

mike trout bobble

Angels – Mike Trout – April 1st.

will myers bobble

Rays – Will Myers – April 5th.

Cuddyer gnome Rockies

Rockies – Michael Cuddyer – April 6th.

david ortiz bobblehead

Red Sox – David Ortiz – April 7th.

hunter pence bobblehead

Giants – Hunter Pence – April 9th

hank aaron bobblehead

Braves – Hank Aaron – April 10th

michael wacha bobblehead

Cardinals – Michael Wacha – April 11th.

joe tinker bobblehead

Cubs – Joe Tinker – April 18th.

josh donaldson bobble

A’s – Josh Donaldson – April 19th.

yu darvish bobble

Rangers – Yu Darvish – April 19th.

dinger bobble

Rockies – Dinger – April 20th.

Clayton Kershaw bobble

Dodgers – Clayton Kershaw – April 24th

Duane Kuiper bobblehead

Giants – Duane Kuiper – April 25th. (Yes, the Giants giveaway has Kuiper as an Indian)

jordan zimmermann bobble

Nationals – Jordan Zimmermann – April 25th

jason castro bobble

Astros – Jason Castro – April 26th.

patrick corbin bobble

Diamondbacks – Patrick Corbin – April 26th

ra dickey bobblehead

Blue Jays – R.A. Dickey – April 27th.

carlos gomez bobble

Brewers – Carlos Gomez – April 27th.

dustin pedroia bobble

Red Sox – Dustin Pedroia – April 30th.


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