Wilmer Flores Says He Can Play Shortstop

ESPN’s Adam Rubin writes that Wilmer Flores has not played shortstop in the Mets organization since 2011, when a lack of first-step quickness prompted the organization to shift him to other infield spots.

Rubin also shares that Terry Collins has suggested he will revisit at least dabbling with Flores at shortstop during spring training. And Flores, who arrived in camp Tuesday is open to doing so.

“Sure. I played there for four years,” Flores said. “It’s not going to be a new position. I’m sure I can play.” 

wilmer flores fieldFlores made his long awaited major league debut on August 6, 2013 and he ended up hitting .211/.248/.295, with one home run, 13 RBI, and 23 strikeouts in 95 at-bats.

“It was a great experience,” Flores shares with the media . “I learned a lot. It was the year that I learned the most, especially mentally. This game is 80 percent mental.”

However, ankle ailments hindered Flores’ performance on the field and at the plate. His swing mechanics became altered, and his position at second came into question due to his nagging issues.

“It was tough. First year in the big leagues, you want to be out there playing and giving 100 percent. But I just couldn’t. When I had my chance, I did my best. I did what I could.”

Although, an active offseason, with focus on the ankle, seems to have fixed those issues.

“My body feels great. My legs feel great, especially my ankles –100 percent,” Flores said Tuesday.

“We did a lot of ankle exercises,” said to the media in reference to his offseason work at the Michigan fitness camp. “We worked on things that we needed to work on, like speed, agility and getting stronger. I’d be happy to go again.”