Terry Collins Ranked MLB’s 13th Best Manager

Washington Nationals v New York Mets

The Boston Globe staff put to together their annual ranking of Major League Baseball’s managers from best-to-worst.

Mets manager Terry Collins clocked in at number 13, higher than any other manager in the NL East and fifth in the National League overall.

The Globe’s staff has the following to say on Collins:

“Extremely underrated, according to our panel. Collins hasn’t had much to work with in New York, but has maintained a very upbeat approach to the Mets’ rebuilding process that has resonated with his players. He was once a feisty type but has mellowed to adapt to the modern player.”

John Farrell, skipper of the reigning World-Champion Boston Red Sox received the top-slot.

Former Red Sox and current Indian’s manager Terry Francona took third place with Bob Melvin of the Oakland A’s sliding in at second.

At the bottom were primarily the new men on the scene, Brian Pryce  (Reds), Brad Ausmus (Tigers), Matt Williams (Nationals), Rick Renteria (Cubs) took spots 27 through 30 as they have yet to showcase their abilities as a manager.


I thought the ranking was extremely AL East-centric. In addition to two Red Sox managers taking the first three spots, three of the top six managers and four of the top eight were all managers from the Red Sox division. Since this is the primary division that the Boston Globe covers, I am not surprised by the results. In their defense however, there are a number of great managers in that division.

As for Terry Collins, I agree. He has grown as a coach since his days in Houston and Anaheim. He has an improved connection with the players in New York and has been able to remain calm in an otherwise frustrating past few seasons.

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