Sandy Tells Executives Mets Can Win 90 Games

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John Harper of the Daily News reported this morning that at a staff meeting a couple of days ago, Sandy Alderson told Mets executives and baseball personnel that he strongly believes that the ballclub can and maybe even should win 90 games this season.

Also, according to people who were in the room, after Alderson’s decree prompted discussion about how to best maximize the Mets’ assets, owner Fred Wilpon chimed in at one point and said, “We better win 90.”

Harper confronted Alderson about his comment.

“All I’ll say is we have higher expectations than we’ve had in the past,” he said.

“Because I think it has to be a mind-set,” he said. “Part of creating a winning environment is setting ambitious goals and working toward them. But it has to be systematic and it can’t be totally unrealistic. I don’t think it is in this case.”

“I know (what the perception is),” he said. “But we evaluate our situation a little bit differently.”

Sandy believes…

Las Vegas however, doesn’t… They peg the Mets for 74 wins.

The fact that he said this to a room packed with staff and executives makes this funny. I could see if this were a room full of season ticket holders, but…

And what about Fred’s comment? It sounded like, “OR ELSE”

(Photo by Howard Simmons, Daily News)

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