Orioles Still Interested In Ike Davis

ike davis

Joel Sherman of the NY Post, writes that the Baltimore Orioles still have interest in Ike Davis, to serve primarily as a designated hitter.

Sherman shares:

Baltimore believes it has several options, including free agents Nelson Cruz and Kendrys Morales. However, both of those players were made qualifying offers, which means any team – other than their last one – that signs either would lose its highest draft pick.

The Orioles surrendered the 17th pick in June’s draft to sign Ubaldo Jimenez.

Sherman continues:

Nevertheless, if Baltimore wants to avoid expending another draft pick and significant dollars, it can go for Ike Davis, who clearly intrigues the organization and makes $3.5 million this year. He shares some similarities with Chris Davis – a lefty swinger with clear power who has faltered with his original organization.

There is interest in Davis with the Orioles and even the Pirates, as reported on Tuesday by Jayson Stark of ESPN, so if the Mets are still interested in moving Ike, it will all come down to what both teams would offer for his services.



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