Lewin-Gate: Much Ado About Nothing

Who is Josh Lewin and why is his name suffocating my Twitter timeline?

Of course I’m kidding, I know that Josh Lewin is that legendary Mets announcer who has entertained the Flushing faithful for decades with that warm and folksy voice that makes one seriously consider turning off the TV and opt for the radio instead. Oh no, wait, that’s Bob Murphy I was thinking about, never mind…

Lewin, who has worked Mets radio for all of two years, has suddenly become yet a new arguing point for a faction of Mets fans that never seem to be happy and always need something to complain about.

As if we don’t have enough problems trying to solve first base and shortstop, apparently many are miffed, perturbed, and downright disturbed that Josh Lewin may be replaced by a former player in the radio booth as the co-pilot to Howie Rose on WOR AM. So what… What is so outrageous about that?

Are we devolving into one of those fan bases that must always cry about something?

Today’s ruckus stemmed from a piece by Howard Megdal on Capital New York which in all honesty, doesn’t even complain about replacing Lewin with a jock.

My take away was that Howard’s piece was just another opportunity to take a jab at team ownership (I’m down with that), point out the lateness in settling who the radio team will be (he’s right), and of course getting a chance to mention “team finances and debt load,” a phrase that has become synonymous with most of his Mets related work.

A week ago, I asked, “What if Lewin’s replacement turns out to be another Ron Darling?” Would anyone still complain?

I think Lewin is a nice compliment to Howie Rose and I’ll be happy if he stays. But if he’s replaced by a Cliff Floyd or a Darryl Hamilton, I’ll be just as happy.

Having a player perspective on radio to go along with Howie’s great play-by-play and Metsian ways, wouldn’t be such a bad thing, and it might even be better than the status quo. So everybody just chill.

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