As Mets Get Closer To Spring Training, How’s Your Enthusiasm?

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How are you feeling about the Mets these days, are you excited about the moves we’ve made so far? Are you looking forward to the start of Spring Training and are you pumped for the new season?

I asked our staff what their enthusiasm was like as we get closer and closer to pitchers and catchers reporting in four weeks. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Peter K. – I have been so jaded over the failures big free agent signings by the Mets over the years that I am so scared of Curtis Granderson turning into Jason Bay. I really hope I am wrong, and there are indications to believe that his contract will play out better than Bay’s, if only for the first two years. I have read a lot of analysis regarding the Bartolo Colon signing and I can only conclude that 2 years and $20 Million was the going rate for a pitcher of his pedigree, even at the ripe old age of 41.

Tommy R. – This offseason has been about other money coming off the books and the Wilpons deciding not to try to stuff every last penny into their drained pockets. But I am very excited about the new additions. Our team looks pretty good, although it would look much nicer if our ace weren’t out for the year.

Zack – Enthusiasm is high. It has been a huge relief to see the Mets go out there and make some legitimate moves to improve the team. It doesn’t make them automatic contenders, but it’s nice to see them heading in the right direction.

Jessep – I think any Mets fan who is at least not excited for Opening Day is missing the point. Do I think over the last few weeks the Mets became a title contender? No. But I do think they are heading toward legitimacy, and competitive late season baseball. The teams that try to become an overnight title contender normally fail. They are using free agency in the way it’s currently intended to be used. They still have work to do, but anybody who doubted the Mets intentions this off-season by saying they wouldn’t spend money and wouldn’t bring anybody in has been proven wrong.

Barry – Definitely more excited, but if the Mets are to contend, it will take not only good years from the new additions but major contributions from players like Travis d’Arnaud, Zack Wheeler, Juan Lagares, and a couple of the young relievers as well as upgrades on the bench.

John G. – Overall I am pretty excited to see if it is going to pay off or not. As far as the players that have signed on here I have to say that Granderson excites me the most. There is so much he brings to the table in terms of clubhouse and leadership but will it all translate well on the field? I am not sure if he will be able to belt 40 homers but he will certainly have his fair share of extra-base hits which is exciting in their own right. As we have heard over the years there was money to spend after some contracts came off the books and it is good to see that they are spending it.

Joe S. – Alderson like most GM’s, plays everything close to the vest. Why tell everyone you have cash to spend? It’s like announcing you keep your doors unlocked at night – you’re bound to have someone try to rake you over the coals – that means you Bronson Arroyo. I’m perfectly fine with the deals that have been offered so far. Alderson isn’t offering the moon but is offering slightly more than market value. Spending just to say you’ve spent is as foolish as not spending at all. Sometimes you have to pull the trigger and so far he’s doing that.

Matt B. – I am guardedly enthused. it’s tough to buy into enthusiasm after the past few seasons, but I really like Chris Young and Grandy added to our outfield.

TexasGusCC – Enthusiasm is much greater, about two times greater, and I will give the Chris Young signing a chance. However, I’m still not excited with the shortstop situation or happy with the same cast of characters still being our first base options.

Andrew – I’m very enthused. Three weeks ago there was such a doom and gloom atmosphere around the team, and Sandy’s purported $30 million budget for this offseason seemed like a faraway fantasy we would never reach. Three free agents later, we’ve passed $30 million (7.5 for Young + 13 for Granderson + 10 for Colon = $30.5 million added to the 2013 payroll) and Sandy doesn’t appear done. We have an exciting outfield with both offensive and defensive upside, a recent Cy Young candidate, and the potential to make additional acquisitions via trade (either directly in exchange Davis, or indirectly by signing someone with the cap space freed by his departure). Of course there’s a risk – there always is – but for the first time in years I feel like there’s a not-outlandish chance we could compete for a playoff spot if we get a few lucky breaks. Some will say a payroll south of $90 million is unacceptable in New York, and we may not agree about whether Sandy’s done enough to field a winner. But I think most of us will agree he’s done more than we expected him to.

Tom W. – The team is marginally better, though clearly improved. All three signings are the kind of guys you add to a strong core, which the Mets do not possess. Can this get them to .500? Maybe.

Gerry – My enthusiasm has definitely been given a boost by the recent acquisitions which I hope are indicative of greater financial health on the part of the organization. Although work remains to be done in terms of fortifying the bullpen, the infield, and the bench, I no longer am of the mindset that the team will be continually sifting through the bargain bin for spare parts. Hope it works and hope it lasts.

Big Mets Fan – I’m not sold by any means on the Chris Young, but I’m very optimistic about the Granderson and Colon acquisitions. Grandy gives protection to David Wright in the lineup, and while he doesn’t hit for a high average, he generates runs and knows how to win. Colon at two years isn’t a huge risk and gives the Mets a solid 4 starters without having to rely on one of the young guys to have to come through right away.

Xtreem – This is a team on the rise. Grandy will help anchor the lineup for a while while Young and Colon on short, low risk deals will bridge to some of the highly touted prospects. It’s a better team now, for sure. That said, all FAs come with risks and there’s a chance these guys get hurt. In the present time, they are all good signings.

Jacob R. – Sandy has done his job and convinced me that this team is headed in the right direction. I am looking forward to seeing two power bats in the outfield and a proven All-Star in the rotation. LGM 2014.

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