Words to the Wilpons: We Beg Of You, Sell The Team

A Fan Shot by Austin Smith

Why won’t you guys sell the team? If you were true Mets fans, you would sell for the simple fact that it’s the best thing to do, for the team, for the fans, and for this city. If you aren’t Mets fans and you’re just doing it for the business aspect and the fact that you get to own a Major League Baseball franchise, well then you shouldn’t be owning a franchise anyway because you’re not very good at it.

The financial struggles of the Wilpons and this ballclub have been well documented the past few years, with them having been a big part of the Madoff investments scandal. It’s well known that since their funds have been chopped, and that they are very deep in debt to the tune of $1 billion or more dollars, they have to struggle to put out a $90 million payroll in 2014.

After years of having low payroll flexibility and a team that has reflected that through multiple losing seasons, enough is enough. With fans on edge, putting out a soft $90 million payroll in 2014, with the free agent market being as highly priced as it is, will make it worse for their situation than it already is. Instead of trying to tread water, and scramble a team out there just for the sake of holding onto your dear majority ownership stake, why not give it up for the good of all involved, and let some people who can afford to own a professional franchise do what’s necessary to put the New York Mets back on the map.

The 2013 Mets payroll was $88.8 million, which put them at the 19th highest payroll in baseball. A New York franchise shouldn’t be in the lower tier of the payrolls in their given sport. Where were the New York Yankees on this list, you ask? Well I’m sure you know. They have, and have had, the highest payroll in baseball for a long time. Nobody is saying to be like the Yankees, but can we at least be in the top 15?

My message to Fred and Jeff Wilpon is the same any other Mets fan would say to them:

Sell the team.

Not only for the good of the team, but for the good of yourselves and the fans. You won’t be having all the flack that you receive from the fan base as is, and I’m sure they’ll be happy with you just for getting out of the way and letting someone else take control. If you want to see the team succeed and win, then give it up already.

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