Why Andre Ethier Is A Better Choice Than Shin-Soo Choo


A Fan Shot By Terence Farley

When thinking of an outfield bat for the Mets, the one player I knew I didn’t want was Andre Ethier. He doesn’t have enough power, he can’t hit lefties and he makes a lot of money. The player I wanted was Shin-Soo Choo Then it came out that he probably is out of the Mets financial parameters. When I heard that Choo doesn’t hit lefties particularly well, I wondered how similar they were. I was shocked to see the following lifetime stats:

Slash Lines

Ethier .288/.362/.470/.832

Choo  .288/.389/.465/.853

How could this be? I then decided to look a bit deeper.

vs Lefties

2013    HR  RBI   AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
Choo    0   8    .215  .347  .265  .612
Ethier  3   11   .221  .275  .338  .613


Choo    2   13   .199  .318  .286  .604
Ethier  4   29   .222  .276  .330  .606


Choo    1   7    .268  .336  .352  .688
Ethier  1   13   .220  .258  .305  .563

Neither of these players should be playing vs left handed pitching. They BOTH need to be platooned. The 100 million dollar question is how do you sell your fans on the face of your franchise if he has to be platooned? The obvious answer is you can’t. He has to play everyday.

What about their stats vs righties?

vs Righties

2013    HR  RBI   AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
Choo    21  46   .317  .457  .554  1.011
Ethier  9   41   .294  .394  .460  .854


Choo    14  54   .327  .403  .523  .926
Ethier  16  60   .325  .398  .546  .944


Choo    7   29   .254  .347  .410  .757
Ethier  10  49   .321  .410  .468  .878

Three year OPS avg. for Choo is .896 vs Ethier’s .892

I concede that Choo is a better player due to his speed (3 year avg. almost 18 steals per game) but he ain’t Lou Brock. Also he is a better outfielder though both need to be corners.

The thing is the Mets CAN platoon Ethier while Choo CAN”T. Offensively to platoon a righty who crushes left-handers would be a much better alternative. Heck, Josh Satin hit .317 with an OPS of .880 against lefties last year. I’m not saying Satin is the answer in the outfield, just and example (wait didn’t Satin say Byrd was gonna teach him to play outfield over the winter? I digress).

Now comes the fun part, money. Both players are 31 years old. Ethier signed a five-year extension for $85 million. One year is off of his contract leaving $71.5 owed. The Dodgers have made it known that they would give back some of that salary. He is due $15.5 mil in 2014. Take that and the Wilpon’s won’t pay a cent this year and his contract is down to three years and $56 mil.

What will Choo get? Could he get $150 million like Ellsbury? It’s possible. But my guess would be five years for $120 million. Choo is seemingly the shiny new toy, the new kid in town. Ethier is yesterday’s news. In reality they are 31 year old brothers. Granted one is a little faster, but can’t hit lefties or be platooned. What would you do? For the money I’ll take Ethier.

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