Who The F___ Is Joe Benigno?

joe_benignoRadio host Joe Benigno of WFAN launched a tirade against injured Mets All Star Matt Harvey after the 24-year old righthander was spotted at a Knicks game earlier this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, Benigno went after the Mets’ injured ace.

“Harvey’s like this major celebrity. The guy has basically done nothing…He’s barely pitched a year, he’s not gonna play at all this year because of the Tommy John surgery. Who knows what this guy (could be)? He could turn out to be Mark Fidrych at the end of the day, for all I know.”

He also took issue with Harvey’s girlfriend who accompanied him at the game as well.

“This guy’s sitting there at courtside, he’s all over this Anne V and I don’t need to see it. I don’t need to see my star pitcher who’s not gonna pitch at all this year and is gonna be in rehab canoodling with his girlfriend at courtside at a Knick game!”

When Harvey caught wind of Benigno’s comments, he took to Twitter and said “Very classy. Jealousy is a bad trait. #JustDontWatchThen.” Harvey also retweeted a tweet that said “who the f— is Joe Benigno?” Harvey later relented, and decided to delete the tweets.

Benigno continued his attack this morning when he said, “I’ve gotta see more from Matt Harvey. I think he even thinks of himself as the king of the city right now. He’s gotta do a lot more before I can look at him that way.”

This guy drives me nuts. All he does is moan and groan for hours on end, and I just don’t get the fascination with this no-talent hack who endlessly whines and offers nary an insight on anything related to New York sports.

Harvey wasn’t at the Knicks game expecting to have a camera and a mic shoved in his face. But if Benigno can’t handle the fact that that happened, then maybe he should get out of the sports radio business altogether. Believe me, the mourning period if that were to happen wouldn’t last more than 66 minutes.

For a self-proclaimed die-hard Mets fan, he’s actually become the Greg Pomes of radio hosts. He never has anything positive to say about the team or the players unless of course one of them happens to make a guest appearance on his show.

Rather than going off on a baseball player who is spending some quality time with his girl during the offseason, why doesn’t Benigno learn how to stop spitting when he talks, enunciate better, and stop screaming like his ass is on fire?

In other words, Bro… Shut the hell up already… Nobody gives a rat’s ass about what you think of Matt Harvey or the New York Mets.

You are not Mad Dog Russo… You are not Mike Francesa… Hell, you’re not even Craig Carton which pretty much sums up just how irrelevant you really are… Bro…

Harvey is right, “Who the f___ is Joe Benigno?”

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