Stay Patient and Continue To Trust Sandy

sandy alderson

To my dearest fellow Mets fans.

I have been a Mets fan my entire life. I have bled blue and orange for that team in Queens since the day I was born. I am not what one would call a “fair weather fan”, I have stayed to the very last out of 14-2 butt whoopings on the road because I believe in my team (or I’m delusional, which ever suits the situation). I do not expect many other fans to have my same patience. But I encourage you to please bear this pain with me brothers and sisters. Let me lead you to salvation, and what I think “the plan” really means.

As it stands, our 2014 opening day line up is not much better (if at all) than or 2013 roster was at the end of the year. Many fans hoped this offseason would be a spending spree to bring in new talent and push us into a deep playoff run. This, however, is not what Sandy was hired to do. He was hired to rebuild the franchise from the ground up.

That means starting at the farm and creating a system with no gaps in it. One with such an embarrassment of riches you can deal prospects like Rafael Montero and Kevin Plawecki to fill one MLB level hole (outfield, SS) without having to worry about ridding yourself of potential greatness. The fear now is dealing these near MLB ready players, and finding out in three years we could have had the second coming of Dwight Gooden or another Mike Piazza, but instead traded them for a slightly above average corner outfielder we control for only a few seasons instead of having two cornerstones to build around for six years.

There is really not much in the Free Agent Market worth paying the asking price for, and the only ones that are worth that price are clearly out of our price range.

I ask that you wait to exercise your hatred and belligerence. I beg of you, continue to trust in Sandy as I do. You cannot expect things to be great over night, even if it’s promised to you, Marlins fans and Blue Jays fans each found that out the last two years. The Red Sox, Pirates, Indians, and Athletics are the exception, not the rule. You must always prepare yourself to be the rule, that is why rules exist.

This team is close to completing what I think “the plan” is, but if you still think the answers will come from free agency, I ask, who would you sign next offseason. The only players that strike me as a potentially worth while investment in that group are Asdrubal Cabrera, J.J. Hardy, and Brett Gardner. Cabrera strikes me as a 4-5 year deal between $42-54M. Hardy, perhaps 3-4 years for $45-55M, and Gardner will likely pull down somewhere around 5/$75M assuming he has a career avg season this year. Everyone else is scrap heap.

The main lesson here my friends is simply this. Superstars don’t hit free agency anymore, they get developed or traded for. You can’t trade a team nothingness from a garbage farm system if your system is broken and in disrepair like we were just a few short years ago. Now were are easily in the top 10, and arguably in the top 5. Should we continue to draft well, we will have a chip that every team wants. When 29 teams want what you have, you’re the one in control of what the return on your minor leaguers are, not them.

So please, mets fans, have patience. I know it is hard to hear asked of you over and over, but I believe in our franchise, and I believe in our team. From one active duty Marine to a Retired one, I believe in you Sandy. Semper Fidelis. They might just surprise you, Mets fans, if you let them.

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