Nothing Is Imminent: The Story Of Us

Nothing Is Imminent2

If you had to pick three words to best describe the Mets offseason so far – the offseason we’ve all waited three years for – those are the three words right there… Nothing is imminent.

The Mets sent a contingent of scouts and executives to watch Jose Dariel Abreu. But nothing is imminent.

The Mets met face to face with Jhonny Peralta. But nothing is imminent.

The Mets had dinner with Jay-Z to talk about Robinson Cano. But nothing is imminent.

The Mets have intensified talks with Curtis Granderson. But nothing is imminent.

The Mets signed Chris Young. Who cares.


The vast majority of Met fans are pissed off. They are pissed off at the front office… They are majorly pissed off at the owners.

I actually have to keep from laughing when I read some blog posts elsewhere that still go through great lengths to defend either of them and act like it’s us who are wrong for “freaking out.” Can you imagine defending the indefensible?

Granted we’ve grown a lot in the past year, but you can’t imagine what my inbox looks like each day and 75% of my email are from frustrated Met fans. Met fans who care deeply about the team. Met fans who anguish day and night over the team they love. Met fans who believe things are much worse now than they were before and not better.

Someone gave me a heads up to a young Mets fan named Susana on Twitter, who started producing her own Mets video series entitled “Mets In A Few”. I watched as she poured her heart out over her frustration with the Wilpons and thought, “wow, she definitely gets it.”  You could tell this kid was a true die-hard – all decked out in her Mets attire with Mets posters and pennants all over her walls – just as genuine and as passionate as they come.

I heard a caller on WFAN named Frank this morning, who completely erupted on Boomer and Carton. I mean this guy had all his facts ready and just fired away at all the reasons why Met fans should be disgusted right now. He brought up the Oakland A’s – remember when they were supposed to be our model three years ago? The Mets have their own model now, and I can assure you that not a team in the major leagues wants to mimic the Mets model.

curtis-granderson-op4e-6644I’m not the biggest Curtis Granderson fan in the world, but as I’ve been saying the Mets need to make a move. And not a silly BS move like handing $7 million bucks over a to a lifetime .230 hitter who’s on the wrong side of thirty. That’s more than what Luis Castillo pulled down in 2012 when everyone was up in arms.

This team needs to become relevant again. They need to stop talking and start doing. Sandy needs to dispense with the jokes and commence with his attack on this team’s utterly disappointing record on his watch. His legacy is not Zack Wheeler as many portray. His legacy is his won-loss record and it sucks royally.

Andy Martino writes today that the front office has determined that Granderson is a fit. You mean all those other names weren’t a fit? Is Cano a fit? Is Shin-Soo Choo a fit? Was Jacoby Ellsbury a fit?

Listen folks, when you have a team whose second best hitter is Daniel Murphy – someone who will likely not be back in 2014 – just about every free agent hitter on the market is a fit. Well maybe except for Chris Young – I still can’t believe the front office thinks he’s an everyday player.

I’ll leave you with this… From another die-hard fan who makes the case for Granderson.

ElSid1986 writes…

How is signing an outfielder who is better than any outfielder this organization has had since Beltran was traded not a good move? Because he isn’t 17-years old and six years away from the majors?

This team needs to stop being a door mat.

Maybe with Granderson and Chris Young and maybe a shortstop  they can get for Daniel Murphy, plus all the pitching, this team is an 85-88 win team in 2014.

Then when Harvey is back in 2015, Young is gone and is replaced with Cesar Puello or maybe another stud we can get for Jon Niese or Dillon Gee because in theory Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero will both be up. Then all of a sudden the Mets are a 90+ win team.

You cannot depend on kids that are years away to come up all at once and to provide all the offense they need. If this so called plan is truly about getting into contention then they need to begin adding real pieces incrementally.

If they sign Granderson to a three-year contract he will still only be 35 in the last year 2016. Which BTW is only two years older than David Wright will be in 2016.

Aside from fluke broken wrists last yea,r Granderson has had a healthy career. This isn’t Jacoby Elsbury and that ridiculous seven-year contract. This isn’t giving Choo $100 million.

This is giving a reasonable contract to a lefty power hitting outfielder which we desperately need.

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