MMO Fan Shot: Granderson Is In The House… What’s Next?

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A Fan Shot by Kevin Belickis

Curtis Granderson is a Met. I like the sound of that. Now that the Mets have completed their outfield for the foreseeable future (this is assuming Cesar Puello steps in next year to unseat Chris Young, and stick for a while) what comes next?

Many will argue the starting rotation. I think this is the perfect year to see just what we’ve got in our younger options (Jacob deGrom, Jenrry Mejia, etc.) and see how they handle a baptism by fire. I’m also fine with giving some late offseason acquisitions a chance to battle in the Spring rather than using the Winter Meetings to target someone costly… Unless we can get Brett Anderson from the A’s.

Some would argue also argue first base. I’m not ready to give up on Ike Davis just yet. I believe Lucas Duda should be the one who’s shipped off. Ike had started to turn it around in August prior to the strained intercostal muscle. He has the power, the potential, the plus defense, and he’s a lefty. If he fixes himself, he is everything we could possibly ask for. Plus, he will be under less pressure to produce now that we have some other lefthanded power in the lineup, maybe that can help get his head right. I’d say wait until at least June/July before we bail on Davis for good.

Image: Erick Aybar

My concern is at shortstop. I don’t trust Ruben Tejada to get himself right, as he has seldom shown the maturity to improve on his own (late to camp, overweight, etc, etc). The name that jumps at me in the trade market is (hint hint Sandy) Erick Aybar of the Angels. Let’s look at his numbers, shall we?

Since 2009, Aybar has averaged just about 139 games a year. Not unbelievably impressive, but it’s consistent, ranging from 137-143. Over that same span, he has averaged 69 runs per year ranging from 67-71. Consistent. Between 2011-2013, he has racked up 33, 31, & 33 doubles… Consistent. I’m sensing a pattern.

Over the same three year span, Aybar has averaged 583 plate appearances, with just a shade under 63 strikeouts per season… That’s just under 11%… That’s pretty darn good. No he doesn’t walk much, or hit a ton of home runs (38 career), but he has been pretty good and is well established.

He has started 789 games at shortstop but has also started at 35 at second base, and to a much lesser extent left field (4) and third base (1). Most recently winning a Gold Glove in 2011.

He is a switch hitter who is signed through the end of 2016, and at a reasonable $8.5 million per season. Those are dollars that could be cleared up easily if we find ourselves strapped for cash after signing Grandy.

I love Aybar as a player. He has passion, experience, a plus glove and a plus arm. And with all of the high strikeout guys in our line up, having a contact guy with doubles power in a spacious Citi Field batting 1, 2, or 7 wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Mets.

Sandy, I hope he is your target. Thank you for getting Grandy, let’s keep this process rolling by making a trade we need to make. I know Collins likes Aybar, I asked him at the end of the season.

Sandy, please sir, can we have some more?

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