Grading The Mets Offseason So Far

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As Sandy Alderson and his front office approach the third-quarter turn of the offseason we wanted to do a quick take on how fans are viewing the offseason so far. I asked our staff to grade Sandy on his offseason moves to date. So here are the results of our Mid Hot Stove Season Report Card for the Mets:

Jessep – (B-) There’s a lot of work to get done but, they got the impact corner OF bat they needed in Granderson. They got to take their gamble on a hitter in Young and they just signed a guy who finished 6th in AL Cy Young in 2013 as a stopgap which allows them to not rush up guys like Syndergaard. What he does with Ike/Duda/Murphy will determine the overall success of this off-season though.

Barry – (B-) There’s still work to be done.

Peter K. – (C+) I think he’s done what he has had to regarding spending, but I think there were a few trades that he could’ve pulled the trigger on. As fans we see action from other teams and wonder whats wrong with Sandy, but in all honesty I think the market played against the Mets a little bit this offseason.

Jacob R. – (B) Curtis Granderson was a fantastic signing as was Chris Young. Two power bats at corner outfield spots is priceless. I am looking forward to seeing how Bartolo Colon will play, considering his age.

Tom W. – (C+)

Zack – (B+) With the option of dropping it if he doesn’t net a shortstop. Curtis Granderson was a big pickup, giving them a middle-of-the-order bat and a legit everyday outfielder. The reviews have been mixed on the Bartolo Colon signing, but I like the move. They needed to add starting pitching depth and got one of the better arms available. I don’t care if a guy is 70 years old or 500 pounds or any other hyperbole floating around the internet. There are risks in signing any pitcher — better to take the risk on an old, good pitcher than a young, bad one.

John G. – Sandy hasn’t done enough to earn an A. Sandy HAS done enough not to earn a F. I don’t feel comfortable giving him a B and certainly don’t think he deserves a C or a D.

Joe S. – (B+) It’s hard not to give the guy at least a strong B to B+ so far but there’s still a lot more to do. How will he address the first base situation? What will he do about the bullpen that seems to be this team’s annual Achilles heel? Will he add another power bat to the lineup? So far I’d say he’s about 50% of the way there. The Colon signing has the potential to be either boom or bust depending on Colon’s health. As to the murkiness regarding his past PED use, that’s something that will always follow him for better or worse. Again I believe in second chances so, hopefully that won’t come up for him again.

Gus – (B-) Alderson gets a B- because his moves have left no clear leadoff hitter, and no improvement at SS or 1B. There is more work to be done.

Matthew B. – (B-)

Tommy R. – (B) The Wilpons’ budget, not Sandy’s shrewdness, is the most important factor when it comes to the rebuilding of this Mets roster. But Sandy has signed three real players (although the Chris Young signing may have been a bad call) and has been active in trade discussions (allegedly), so I’ll give him a B with a chance to go up to an A or down to a C.

William – (C+) I am okay with the signings since Young and Colon are short term. I do not like the fact that the double D first base situation and Flores/Murphy/Young 2B situation has not been resolved yet.

Xtreem – (B) Unless someone comes out and says specifically he did or didn’t, I don’t know if Sandy tried to acquire Kuroda, so I can’t grade on that. I would have chipped in some of my own money for Kuroda to be the bridge veteran starter they signed. Grandy was probably the best fit for the Mets on the entire market when you consider their needs, his skill set and price.

Jim M. – (B) I love the aggressiveness but both the Granderson and Colon deal would have been best with one less year. Has been a better balance of win now with win later.

Gerry – (B+)

DrDooby – (B+) Considering that Alderson has been able to add 3 veteran players for $30 million overall in terms of 2014 salary, who all figure to take on key starting roles in 2014, that´s a pretty solid output. There was no risk-free free agent in this year´s market and nobody was going to turn around the Mets single-handedly anyway. So, all things considered, Alderson so far has managed to improve the upcoming present without doing harm to the long term future. Young is a chance worth taking and barely making more than players signed as backups. If he flops, he’ll be gone soon. Colon was only signed for two years at #4 starter money, so the risk is limited too. Granderson is the only longer term addition. But I like that the contract isn´t backloaded. And Granderson is a good athlete who should age rather well. So, all in all, I´d give Alderson a preliminary B+ for this off-season with SS remaining the one big question mark and at least one veteran bullpen arm being a “must-add” addition.

Big Mets Fan – (B) A week ago, he would have received an “F”. With the Grandy and Colon signings, he’s up to a “B”.

Andrew – (A-) Keep in mind this is not a grade for the Mets in general; ownership’s limit of $30 million is an artificial hindrance to our flexibility and ability to get better. But the budget not Sandy’s fault; he just has to work with what he’s got. And considering what he’s got, he’s done about as well as I could expect. Trading Davis and/or Murphy for a SS and using the cap room saved for some bullpen help would bump the offseason up to an A+.

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