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In the past month, we’ve had over 200 new IP Addresses comment on MMO for the very first time. Most of the regulars here I’m sure have see the great influx of new Mets fans who have joined our great community and I’m glad to see how many of you have welcomed them.

This past weekend, we’ve been hit with 15-20 emails from new readers expressing their frustration with registering to comment on MMO. I thought it was the perfect time to share some of our commenting policies with our newest friends.


Commenting on MMO

There is no registration. Just jump right in and comment. Since 2005, we’ve never required anyone to jump through hoops just so they could leave a quick comment about the Mets.

All you need to do is choose a nick name you like, enter an email address, write your comment and fire away. It’s that easy.

* Also, for your convenience you can subscribe to replies to your comments or all comments in that particular thread by checking the “subscribe to comments” box which works like Disqus.

We do not retain your email address. Commenting on MMO is always safe, secure and easy.

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Commenting Guidelines

One of the best things about MMO is the passionate community of Mets fans. On many occasions, you’ll find comments that read just like a great article; comments that are packed with great information and insights.

Our goal here is to maintain a community that engages all Met fans, male and female, young and old. However as the site continues to grow, so do the number of trolls and people from other sites who only want to create a distraction or worse.

  1. First and foremost, respect the authors and the commenters. You don’t have to agree with them and if you have a different point of  view, then by all means share it.  But personal attacks and your inability to act like an adult will not be tolerated. Those comments will eventually be deleted and you’ll be banned or moderated. No exceptions.  No excuses.
  2. In general, the comments should be about baseball and the Mets. You are free to share links to other Mets content or even your own Mets blogs. This is a fan site and we encourage link sharing to further more Mets discussion.
  3. If your comment is deleted and you go into the moderation process, you will remain in moderation for a minimum of five days. If during that period your comments had no further problems, you will immediately become approved to comment freely again. However, if it happens a second time, you will be moderated for 14 days or possibly be banned permanently.
  4. Keep your language clean. I don’t swear here, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t either. I’d like for parents to feel comfortable having their kids read this site. I’m no angel, so if I can express myself without profanity, you can, too.

be nice ish

Some MMO Survival Tips

  • We are not all going to agree on everything.  That would be boring.  But if you find yourself in a debate and it’s starts to get out of control, walk away.  It does not mean you “lost” the debate.  If anything, it takes more courage and confidence to walk away. There are times to debate but sometimes we reach the point where it’s better to agree to disagree.
  • There is no need to look at a debate as something you need to “win” at all costs.  Believe me, nobody is keeping score.
  • The beauty about baseball is you don’t ever have to stop learning. Four years ago I had no idea what WAR and FIP was. I learned so much from simply reading the various posts and comments on MMO.
  • If you feel the need to correct someone on something factual or grammatical, doing it respectfully goes a long way. Making someone feel stupid about it never works.
  • If you find any comment someone left you offensive, please contact us immediately at and we will take care of it. Include a link to the post and the name of the reader who left the comment.

None of us are perfect.  We will all make mistakes from time to time, myself included.  Let’s do our best to keep this community as a place where where everyone feels free to express their opinion without fear of ridicule or personal attacks.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate everyone’s support.

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