Big Mets Fan’s Hall of Fame Ballot

This should have been Piazza's plaque being added into the Hall of Fame

This year features a very crowded Hall of Fame ballot. It features a strong set of first year eligibles as well as a lot of holdovers that haven’t yet made it, but very well can get in. A writer can only cast votes for 10 players with their ballot. If this Big Mets Fan had a ballot to cast, I’d be casting all ten votes this year. I’d actually want to cast more than 10 this year, but if I had to cast only ten…

  1. Craig Biggio – Biggio was actually a tough one for me to put in my top 10. Not because I don’t think he should get in the Hall. But I had to debate with choosing him over a couple of other players for my 10th spot on the ballot. 20 MLB seasons. 3,060 hits. All with the Houston Astros. Maybe my feelings are a bit swayed because I didn’t think of him as the Player to be Feared and thought of him as more of a compiler. He was a career .281 hitter which doesn’t bounce off the page as a super hitter – but when you take a closer look, he scores 100+ runs 8 times and 90+ 12 times. He scored 120+ runs in a season 4 times including 146 times in 1997. He had 7 seasons of 40+ doubles including 51 in 1998 and 56 in 1999. He had 5 30+ HR seasons. He hit 20+ HR 8 times. He walked 1,160 times and scored 1,844 runs. So if he was a complier, he was pretty darn good. He’s getting my vote.
  2. Jack Morris – Jack is on the ballot for the 15th and final time this year and I hope he gets in. His ERA is high for the Hall at 3.90 which has been a detriment to him over the years. He has 254 career wins. He pitched 200+ innings 11 time including 293 2/3 in 1983 with 20 complete games. He was a bulldog on the mound. It was his championships that win his vote for me. If the argument is to be made that a player’s postseason failures should be held against him, then the argument should be made for Morris to get in for his success. Jack was a 4 time World Series Champion and the #1 starter on the staffs of the 1984 Tigers and 1992 Blue Jays. He was also one of the Big Three starters for the 1991 Twins as well as that staff’s inning’s leader. He was outstanding in the 1984 postseason. He had a brilliant 1991 postseason and his 10 inning shutout in the clinching game 7 is the clincher. He rose to the occasion on the biggest stage ever.
  3. Mike Piazza – I may be a Homer, but this isn’t a Homer call. I don’t need to make my case – Mike’s in. He should be already.
  4. Tim Raines – He should have been in long before. He was a dominant threat for the 10 years of his prime. He was just overlooked in Montreal and his career was in decline and he was a role player by the time he was in a major market. Based on his 10 year prime – he should be a no-brainer Hall of Famer.
  5. Curt Schilling – Curt may not have the best regular season numbers of the HOF candidates. He his career record was 216-146 with a 3.46 ERA. It was his two championship seasons that did it for me and 2004 in particular. In 2001, he was 22-6 with a 2.98 ERA and was co-World Series MVP’s with Randy Johnson. In 2004, he went 21-6 with a 3.26 ERA for the World Champion Red Sox. But it was the legendary Bloody Sock game that broke the Curse of the Bambino that makes him legendary.
  6. Roger Clemens – A lot of controversy on this one. A lot of people will say he should never go in. Do I think he did PED’s? Yes. Do I think he lied about it? Yes. Do I also think he was a great pitcher? Yes. I’m voting him in because he was a great pitcher, not because I like him. Can you imagine him and Piazza on the podium at the same time?
  7. Barry Bonds – See Roger Clemens. Nice guy? No. Great player? Yes. Even without the PED’s that took him from a player that was already Hall worthy into a Superfreak. HOF.
  8. Greg Maddux – If there’s anyone who leaves Maddux off their ballot, they’re stupid and should have their head examined.
  9. Frank Thomas – The Big Hurt was called just that because he would hurt you. He was a great player. Hit .300 and you’ll be in the Hall of Fame? He hit .301 over 19 years. He declined in his later years, but over an 11 year streak from 1990-2000 he hit over .300 10 times. Teams were terrified to pitch to him and he walked over 100 times 10 times. He scored 100+ runs 8 times. He had 11 100+ RBI seasons. He had 9 30+ HR seasons and 521 career home runs. His career OBP was .419. He was a great hitter.
  10. Tom Glavine – His career was in decline by the time we saw him with the Mets, but he did have three pretty good years. He’s a career 300 game winner. He won 20+ games 5 times. He threw 200+ innings 14 times. He was a two time Cy Young Award Winner. He’s in.


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