Are The Mets Moving Back Into The Steak Section?

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In the winter of 2011, super-agent Scott Boras stated that the Mets typically shop in the “steak section” however they have been residing in the “fruits and nuts category” as of late.

Finally today we have seen reports of some high-rolling as the team has “intensified discussions” on the idea of splurging on a high-profile free agent in Curtis Granderson.

Does this mean they are they back in the steak section though? Not exactly.

Alderson and company did sit down for steaks with Robinson Cano, however that was more of a meeting to meet with Jay-Z rather than the Yankee second baseman. Their meeting with Granderson however, consisted of a “Q-and-A kind of thing” while the respective parties dined over a few slabs of salmon; a grand bit of symbolism.

The Mets aren’t quite back in the steak section, they probably never will be under the frugal Sandy Alderson. They do however, have money to spend; they aren’t picking through pistachios anymore.

This offseason is significantly different than years prior; we hope that these fishy negotiations with Granderson are an indication of that. We hope that this is more than the pursuance of Jose Reyes, the ‘What Outfield?’ fix of 2012 or the talks with Michael Bourn, for those were not but smoke without a fire.

It remains to be seen if these are some true, bonafide orange-and-blue embers on the Hot Stove fire or not. Either way, it appears the Mets are at least kicking around the thought of reeling in their first big fish under Alderson rather than watching the school go by.

Salmon beats a box of chocolates any day in my book.


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