2013 New York Mets: The Uniforms

So while I was sitting at wor… um somewhere, it dawned on me that we are now past the halfway point of the offseason. I was thinking about something interesting to write about.  Seems as though the rest of the staff here at MMO has all the Mets news and rumors covered, so I decided to take a look back at the 2013 season.


Now I know nobody really wants to go back and bring up sour memories of a fifth straight losing season, but I figured I needed to do something with my time so what better way to spend it.

I decided to go back and look at every win from 2013 and come up with some interesting nontraditional tidbits from the season that was. Lucky for me there were only 74 of them, so it wasn’t going to take days to do.  Ok so that will be my only dig.

I could have mentioned that in 2013 Dillon Gee led the team in wins (12), David Wright led the team in homers (18), etc… but what fun would that be.  Those are things that anybody could look up and figure out.  I needed to find something that would take me hours to kill the clock.  Things that nobody would really know.  I guess things that nobody should really know.  As with most people, my brain is filled with so many useless things anyway so how bad could it be to add more to it?

So where to begin?

By using any type of search engine on the internet you can find out that the Mets finished the 2013 season with a home record of 33-48.  Obviously that is not what any fan wants to see out of their favorite team, but it is something we are going to have to live with.  A suggestion to improve on that record might be to limit the amount of uniform combinations. For their 33 wins at home last season, the Mets trotted out 6 different uniform combinations.

wright high five opening day

16 wins – Pinstripe uniforms with the regular blue and orange cap

7 wins – White uniform with the regular blue and orange cap

7 wins – New blue jersey with alternate blue cap with orange brim and white border around the “NY”

1 win – Pinstripe uniform with camouflage “Mets” and hat worn on Memorial Day

1 win – White uniform with the alternate blue cap

1 win – New blue jersey with regular blue cap

Almost half of the home wins from 2013 were when the Mets wore the pinstripes.  If numbers are so important when deciding what player to sign or trade for, why aren’t these numbers considered when deciding what to wear on the field?  One thing that I have grown tired of over the last 5-10 years has to be the amount of different uniforms teams use. Pick one for home games and one for away games and stick with it.

The Mets were a better road team in 2013 finishing one game above .500 with a record of 41-40.  If only more games could have been played on the road.  What fun would that be though?  In the 41 wins, the Mets only wore two different uniform combinations.

MLB: New York Mets at Minnesota Twins

26 wins – Gray road uniforms with regular blue and orange cap

15 wins – New blue road jersey with regular blue and orange cap

It seems clear what the uniform choices should be for the Mets in 2014.  I do have to say that I am a fan of the blue jerseys but if we have any chance at competing using my numbers, the Mets should stick with pinstripes at home and gray on the road.  Whether that actually plays a factor into their success remains to be seen but on paper it is a no brainer.

This isn’t where it ends.  I spent more time doing other useless research that will be unveiled periodically throughout the remainder of the offseason so stay tuned.

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