Sandy Alderson Insists Nothing Is Close, “No, No, No”

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You can’t make this stuff up…

Sandy Alderson completely contradicted everything Jeff Wilpon said earlier today about “something cooking” and a move to come later after meeting with a player last night…

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Here’s a glimmer of hope for all you optimists out there, and it comes from your Mets COO, Jeff Wilpon.

David Lennon reports that Wilpon said the Mets were busy and they could have something working later this afternoon. Although he did say free agent prices in this market could be “scary”.

“We’re open for business,” Wilpon said. “I’d say there’s three, four, five different balls in the air. We’ll see which one lands first.”

In addition to meeting with clubs and agents, Wilpon said Alderson and his staff met with “a player” last night.

“There’s something cooking,” the Mets owner said.

Andy McCullough posted most of Jeff Wilpon’s statements to the press this afternoon. Here’s a few of them, but you can read the rest here.

With your payroll flexibility, do you feel the need to make a move to create buzz for the team to drive ticket sales?

“I mean, obviously, that would be good. But you also have to look at what’s best coming from the baseball department, saying that this is a good move, not just for this year, but for the long term. I don’t think anybody has told Sandy and the guys to go make a deal just to create a buzz.

“If that’s the outcome of it? That’s great. But the best outcome is that they make the right deals, and we have a better baseball team, and we win more games. That all sort of adds up.”

Do you feel to do something sooner rather later would be beneficial for the organization?

“It would be great to do it. But, you know, go talk to the agent that’s representing the player. Go talk to the other GM that’s representing the trade stuff. If it works out, great. It works out.

“We’re open for business. They’re trying to do something. OK? I’d say there’s three, four, five different balls in the air, and we’ll see which one lands first.”

Regarding 2014 budget and spending.

“Yeah, and Sandy’s philosophy is always to leave a little bit of something in his back pocket to go for something during the trade deadline. But then again, I leave something in our pocket as well to do something at the trade deadline, as needed.”

Hmm… I thought that last one was interesting because he makes it seem as though this team has spent money in mid-season when in fact they haven’t in nearly five years. So any money saved has been money in Fred and Jeff’s pockets…

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