Que Sera, Sera, Sandy


Doris Day and Sandy, What do they have in common? After listening to Doris Day’s famous “Que Sera,Sera” I always think of how much of that song has to do with deferring what questions we have. Then I think of Sandy lately, and how we have been deferred from the questions we have for this team and its improvement.

In Day’s song, she asks her mother several questions, to which she replies, “Whatever will be, will be” as in, I don’t know, you’ll find out later.

Sounds like the offseason so far, doesn’t it?

She asks her lover if they’ll have good days lying ahead, and her lover says pretty much the same thing.

Sandy offers pretty much an answer of yes, but an underlying “I don’t know”, with his wait of the Market

She is asked by her children if they’ll have a good future ahead of them, and Day, herself doesn’t answer.

Reminds me also of our first round picks, both question-marks, with Nimmo and Cecchini mysteriously having their scouting reports continually readjusted. A true answer as to what they’ll become is out the window. “Will they Be Handsome? Will they be Rich? Whatever will be, will be.”

These are multiple questions we can ask and compare to the song.

So, alas, Que Sera, Sera, is the song of Sandy… At least it could be unless proven otherwise by this offseason.

But, for the fans, as a touch of light humor to our dark times, I’ll present to you, Our own Mets version of Que Sera, Sera for your reading pleasure. Feel free to sing along.

When I was just a little boy,
I asked our Sandy, where will we be?
Will we be winning?
Will it be fun?
Here’s what he said to me:
Que Sera Sera… Whatever will be, will be.
The Winter’s not ours to see.
Que Sera, Sera.
What will be, will be.

When I grew up and felt depressed,
I asked our GM, how will we be?
Will we have Starters,
Day after day?
Here’s what he said to me…
Que Sera Sera… Whatever will be, will be.
The hot stove is cold you see,
Que Sera, Sera.
What will be, will be.

Look at our farm, and how well they play.
They ask from Sandy, what to expect.
Will we be called up?
Are we stuck here?
Here is what Sandy says:
Que Sera Sera… Whatever will be, will be.
We’ll wait til’ the year ’15,
Que Sera, Sera.
What will be, will be.


A big thank you to AlwayzAmazin (Eileen) for helping with the words by the way.

I hope you enjoyed some light humor while we’re waiting for Sandy to do something with our team, and hope he reads my lyrics that while altering a Doris Day classic asks what all of us want to know.

Doris Day

Have A Great Day, Gobble, Gobble!

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