Putting The Cart Before The Horse…


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing that the Mets will have $30-40 million to spend this offseason… Especially when neither the owner or general manager have said anything close to that.

For a fan base that is so desperate to hear those words, and a franchise that desperately wants to shed their “Team is Broke” image, don’t you think they’d be screaming those numbers to the masses if it were true?

Just because we can do the math and assume that Bay + Santana = $40 Million, it is not empirical evidence that the Mets will spend that much. There’s more evidence to suggest that they will spend half that amount if you were to ask me.

Also, this notion that the Mets are active in the free agent market as reported on MetsBlog this morning, is putting the cart miles ahead ahead of the horse.

Making a few phone calls in early November is again not evidence of anything, and no different than how the Mets have acted in the previous three offseasons.

Nobody has ever accused the Mets of not making phone calls. The problem has been actually signing elite level talent.

Being active in free agency is inviting players to a Broadway show and schmoozing them over a $500 dinner.

Being active in free agency is negotiating numbers on a contract with the player’s agent.

Being active in free agency is actively signing free agents and not just talking about it.

I can fill an All Star Team with all the free agents the Mets have talked to or kicked the tires on in the last three years. I could hardly fill a Legion Ball Team with the free agents we’ve actually signed during that same span.

The Mets have been active in making phone calls. So what?

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