MMO Mailbag: Checking In With D-Backs On Didi Gregorius and Chris Owings

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Mike asks…

Just wondering what you think it would take to get one of Didi Gregorius or Chris Owings from the Arizona Diamondbacks? They seem to have a surplus at shortstop as well as outfield. So what kind of a package would you hope the Mets could work out?

Teddy replies…

To Sir Mike,

I don’t think it should be a package. If it were me, I’d go after Chris Owings for shortstop. Many have soured over Didi as of late especially because his numbers over minor league time as a hitter aren’t exactly pretty. However, Owings might be their guy.

To make matters worse, they have to put one of Chris Pennington, Owings, or Gregorius at second on top of their problems, and it is almost certain Gregorius will be the casualty in this debacle. It will likely cost too much to get Owings, who would be my priority, he would likely cost someone like Rafael Montero, or Jon Niese.

One of the things they’re looking for is starting pitching, and I’d expect them to ask for Thor, which anyone would balk at in regards to Owings, rightfully so.

What I would do is look to the Texas Rangers who have their middle infield locked up, and Luis Sardinas on the way. Since Jacob deGrom is nearly MLB ready, but the odd man out when it comes to the highly optimistic rotation, I’d dangle him, and if they don’t bite, offer Domingo Tapia, whose arm is, to paraphrase Bull Durham “touched by the gods”. But like Nuke, he has no control.

Not sure if that would be enough to to pry Sardinas away, who looks like a shortstop stud, and likely ready for a September call up next season, but I’d certainly try.

Sandy Alderson acknowledged to reporters Tuesday afternoon on a conference call that he has worked the phones and inquired about shortstops available for trade. It’s possible that he may have reached out to the D-Backs already.

David Wright also said yesterday that Alderson “has some tricks up his sleeve for the Winter Meetings.” Maybe one of them is trading for a shortstop. Although as Joe D. wrote yesterday, Alderson also said “it’s conceivable that Ruben Tejada or someone within the organization is playing shortstop on Opening Day.”

Keep sending in those questions Met fans…

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