MMO Fair or Foul: Could Nimmo Be The Centerpiece In A Deal For CarGo or Tulo?


This edition of MMO Fair or Foul feature Rising Apple who writes that Mets prospect Brandon Nimmo could headline a deal that could bring the Mets an elite player like Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki.

brandon nimmoNimmo would be a piece that keeps Syndergaard, Rafael Montero and Wilmer Flores in Flushing and has the potential to command a lot in a trade. The Mets can use Nimmo as the centerpiece of a deal to acquire a guy like Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki. Couple him with some B+/B prospects and a deal could be done.

Most fans are hesitant to make a trade if it required giving up Syndergaard or Montero. But making Nimmo available could eliminate this fear. The Mets also have a guy that could replace him on the depth charts in Dominic Smith, their first round pick from this season.  Baseball-America ranks Smith as the Mets 4th best prospect. Finishing with the 10th worst record this season also gives the Mets a protected pick in the 2014 draft, where they are sure to add another big-time prospect.

Making Brandon Nimmo available this off-season would give the Mets a huge bargaining chip that they didn’t have before. He could also bring in a bunch of new trade partners and names that were not originally part of the plan. Also, there’s no risk in making him available if no trades form or he doesn’t command enough for Sandy Alderson to pull the trigger.

Just putting Nimmo’s name out there can really help the Mets this winter. It’s an idea that could bring back that power bat the Mets so desperately desire. And who knows, it could bring a superstar to Flushing.

I’m not convinced that other teams view Brandon Nimmo the way Met fans do. We always tend to place unreal expectations on our prospects and overvalue them to a fault. I guess other fan bases probably do the same thing with their prospects, but I’m sure they’re not as bad as we are…

That said, it’s hard for me to see Nimmo as anything more than a minor piece in any deal that would net the Mets the likes of a CarGo, Tulo or Stanton. While he’s still young, Nimmo hasn’t really been gangbusters in his first two years as a pro. He’s shown some promise, but his value has taken a big hit according to some scouts and he just barely made the Mets Top 10 squeaking in at No. 8 by BA.

The other thing is that everyone in the Rockies front office from their GM to their Senior VP to their principle owner have all stated quite emphatically that neither CarGo or Tulo will be traded this offseason. The same goes for Giancarlo Stanton… Getting a team to part with a homegrown elite level talent is not as easy as some people make it out to be. As Met fans we need to worry more about drafting and developing players like CarGo and Stanton rather than dreaming up hypothetical trades that will most likely never happen.

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