MLBTR and MMO Free Agent Predictions


As over a dozen of our writers get ready to release our MMO Top 12 Free Agent Predictions on Tuesday, I got this email from XtreemIcon which led to an interesting debate that makes for a great segue into tomorrow.

Xtreem – Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors predicts that the Mets will sign Curtis Granderson, Stephen Drew, Bronson Arroyo and Roy Halladay to free-agent contracts this winter.

Joe D. – Has he been having headaches lately? 🙂

Xtreem – I can see Granderson and Doc. Sandy is too smart for Arroyo.

Joe D. – I just don’t see Doc at all… He’s finished in my opinion… Drew and Arroyo seem likely… Granderson I just don’t see because someone is going to overpay big time for him and it won’t be Sandy…

Xtreem – I’d give Doc a deal. One year. He’s too cerebral a pitcher to be finished. If anyone can figure out how to come back, it’s him. Give him a year to re-establish his value. If it doesn’t work out, it’s one year. If it does, he pitches well and leaves after a year when Harvey’s back, Wheeler is a stud and Thor and Montero are ready for the rotation. Arroyo would be a disaster.

Joe D. – The thing about Arroyo is that he’ll give the Mets what they need and want most – innings. I don’t think we can count on Halladay for 200… In all honesty, I just wish they’d bring back Dice-K for one season and let him hold down the fort until Montero is ready or past his Super 2 cutoff…

Joe D. – I don’t see Thor getting called up before September 1st… I just don’t see the team putting themselves in a position where Harvey, Wheeler, Thor and Montero are all up for arbitration and then free agency within 12 months of each other. If this front office are the visionaries they portray themselves to be, they won’t let that happen.

Xtreem – What good is 200 innings if they’re average-at-best innings? Arroyo gives nothing but a rubber arm. His ERA is usually closer to 4 than 3.50. I’d rather gamble on a guy who might throw 130-150 really good innings and if his arm falls off, he’ll be replaced by a returning Hefner or Montero after June 1 or whenever Super 2 passes.

* * * * * * * *

What are your thoughts on MLBTR’s prediction for the Mets? He’s basically suggesting the Mets could spend $40 million or more this offseason and I just don’t see any scenario where that is remotely possible.

Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I’ve seen enough of this team over the last few years to get a good read on their situation and quite frankly I have a hard time believing they will spend $25 million let alone $40 million…

Speaking of predictions, I’m sorting all of our MMO Ballots and one of our writers gave his predictions with the team and potential size of their deals.

Here is what Joe Spector sent me…

1. Robinson Cano – $185/7 Yankees

2. Jacoby Ellsbury – $125/6 Red Sox

3. Brian McCann – $85/5 Dodgers

4. Shin-Soo Choo – $100/6 Cardinals

5. Masahiro Tanaka – Uhh who? lol

6. Carlos Beltran – $50/3 Red Sox

7. Ervin Santana – $12/1 Rockies

8. Matt Garza – $75/5 Rockies

9. Hiroki Kuroda – $25/2 Yankees

10. Mike Napoli – $30/3 Red Sox

11. Josh Johnson – $9/1 Mets

12. Nelson Cruz – $30/2 Mets

You can get your own predictions ready for those twelve players as we’ll be making a contest out of this and giving away a pair of tickets to the Mets 2014 Home Opener…

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