Boras Says Mets Were Impossible To Deal With, Mets Say They’re In On Everyone

Slow news night, so if you’re looking for strictly Mets news – move on… However if you’re sticking around for some interesting topics worthy of an MMO-Style debate, here goes…


Mike Puma of the New York Post just tweeted…

Mets-Boras talks can be messy. Boras, according to a source, said the Mets were “impossible” to deal with in Bourn talks.

The thing to consider there is that the free agents mostly tied to the Mets rumors – Shin-Soo Choo, Stephen Drew, Kendrys Morales and Jacoby Ellsbury – are all Scott Boras clients.

Boras of course is also the one who famously said that the Mets used to shop in the “steak aisle” and now shop only in the “fruits and nuts” section.

The Mets have reached out to Choo, reportedly, but they did not discuss any parameters of a deal.

Parameters… There’s that word again…

Boras gave his parameters – $90 million of them… 🙂

To read more about everything Boras had to say today about all his clients, check out this post on MLBTR.

beer money

Marc Carig threw a log into the hot stove tonight as well..

Mets source: “Other than [Robinson] Cano, I just don’t see anybody who you could say ‘OK, we’re definitely not going to be in play there.'”

Oh God, this is getting ridiculous…

Of course this goes straight to the heart of what I wrote about this morning…

Why would the Mets have to say that through a source and not openly?

If any of this spending crap was true, why don’t they just come out and say it instead of dancing around the subject?

Why all the secrecy?

santa shh

I know why…

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