Will The Mets Consider A Reunion With Jose Reyes?

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D. Stankiewicz  asks…

With all this talk that adding a shortstop will be one of our main offseason goals, I hear and read a lot about Stephen Drew and Troy Tulowitzki, but never a word about bringing back the best shortstop this team ever had, Jose Reyes. Is there any chance that we could work out a deal with Toronto to bring back the best shortstop this franchise ever had?

Joe D. replies…

I agree with you and I also wonder the same thing myself. He obviously would fill the need at shortstop while also giving the Mets a weapon at the leadoff position they haven’t had since the front office opted to let him walk without an offer.

Most likely the biggest reason why Reyes is never mentioned as a potential option for the Mets is the money. As most of you know, I’m not buying into this notion that the Mets will spend significantly this offseason despite months and months of teasers from Mets ownership and Sandy Alderson. In fact, that Ivory Tower is already showing cracks and is beginning to crumble.

Reyes is still owed $82 million over the next four seasons, which actually seems like a bargain compared to $134 million for Tulo over the next seven seasons. Compounding Tulo’s deal is an additional $2 million upfront bonus if he’s traded which automatically triggers a new no-trade clause.

Additionally, Tulo can earn an extra $12 million based on MVP voting and $1 million each time he earns an All Star nod, Silver Slugger and Gold Glove. You can probably count on a total package of over $150 million for Tulo’s services. Reyes’ deal ends at his age 34 season, while Tulo’s deal runs through his age 36 season.

Then there’s the package of players the Mets would have to give up for either player, and obviously Tulowitzki will net a huge return for the Rockies compared to what the Blue Jays will get for Reyes.

The Rockies won’t have to kick in one red cent for trading Tulo – not one penny. They don’t have to, as his demand on the open market will be significant even with that big contract. Reyes, on the other hand, is in a different boat as the the Blue Jays will try to regroup after a disastrous season in 2013.

One thing I see many fans complain about when you mention Reyes, is that he’s often injured. Believe it or not, he’s played significantly more games than Tulowitzki over the last three seasons – 379 games for Reyes compared to 316 for Tulo. Reyes has had two trips to the DL over the last three seasons compared to three trips for Tulowitzki.

The bottom line is that for now, Tulowitzki is by far the superior player. But does he represent the best value in terms of his cost in dollars and prospects?

My guess is no.

Incidentally, for those fans who refused to take Jose Reyes at his word when he said he loved New York and wanted retire in the Big Apple, take note that Reyes completed the purchase of a $4.2 million home in Long Island on Thursday, according to Newsday.

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