MMO Roundtable: Who Are The Mets’ Biggest Trade Chips?

rafael montero travis d'arnaud

With so much work to do this offseason and many different areas that need to be addressed, it’s almost impossible to imagine that the Mets won’t make one or two significant trades this Winter to fill a couple of those needs.

Of course the follow-up to that is, which of our players would be most appealing to other teams that we would be willing to trade?

I threw this question to some of our staff:

Which players or prospects are the Mets’ biggest trade chips?

Kirk Cahill – The Mets three best trade chips, or more importantly, the three best chips that I’d be willing to deal would be Daniel Murphy, Jon Niese, and Rafael Montero. Teams are always going to target pitching, and I think Niese is an established pitcher signed to a team-friendly contract, while Montero offers upside and longterm team control. Murphy can provide a contending team with offense from a traditionally weak offensive spot, as well as a good clubhouse guy with a great work ethic.

Tommy RothmanZack Wheeler, Travis d’Arnaud, and Noah Syndergaard. The Mets can’t really trade Wheeler at this point unless they can trade him and not much else for a superstar bat. D’Arnaud should be treated similarly, because his value is lower right now than the Mets would like, and he is still an elite prospect who the team hopes can become an elite player. Syndergaard has been dominant, but he can be moved if we get a great hitter. I would NOT feel comfortable trading two of these three no matter who we get (with the possible exception of Mike Trout, which would never happen). The three guys the Mets should LOOK to trade are Rafael Montero, Wilmer Flores, and Dillon Gee. Trading these guys might bring in a bat or two, and Gee can always be replaced by signing somebody like Tim Lincecum.

Barry Duchan – Since everyone wants prospects over decent but unspectacular major leaguers, the top 3 chips are probably Wheeler, Syndergaard, and d’Arnaud, but I wouldn’t trade any of them except in multi-player deals where the Mets get at least one established (overpaid?) star e.g. Andre Ethier as well as other players.

DrDooby – I believe that in the Mets current situation, free agency is by far the best way to go. There´s plenty of payroll space. There´s a somewhat deep free agent class – in terms of at least average major leaguers, something the Mets have lacked. I´d be very hesitant to trade any of Syndergaard, Wheeler, d’Arnaud or Montero – as that´d be robbing Paul to pay Peter. I also believe that a prospect like Cesar Puello has more value to the Mets than other organizations for now. And a prospect package for a significant player is never headed by an A-Ball prospect, so forget about those as anchors. So, in terms of trade chips that – realistically – can be moved, I´d say either Duda or Davis; either Jake DeGrom or Cory Mazzoni as a 2nd tier upper level power arm and then as a throw-in Ruben Tejada if the Mets get a real starting SS. That obviously doesn´t get you any stars. But it fits the Mets current situation better.

XtreemIcon – It would be Syndergaard, Flores and D’Arnaud, though the players I’d trade them for is on a very short list. I’d only trade Syndergaard and TDA for David Price or Jurickson Profar.

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