MMO Fan Shot: How David Wright Could Demonstrate Leadership

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David Wright is the captain of the Mets, and has always been a good company man. But perhaps the time has come for him to look at the bigger picture of what a ¨good company man¨ really is.

I would like to see David Wright sit down with the media, or with one trusted writer, and say the following:

I´ve been a Mets fan my whole life, and have spent my whole career so far with what I consider the best organization in baseball. But we´ve been through hard times recently.

When I re-signed with the Mets I was assured that there was a plan in place to lead us back to the World Series. We´ve made progress in that plan. I´ve seen the young players and prospects that we have, and I believe that they have a great future with the team.”

But I´ve also seen the growing number of empty seats at Citi Field, the anger and apathy on the part of the fanbase, and the loss of our radio home due to low ratings.

I´m tired of losing. I was signed to be The Face of the Franchise, and future team ambassador, but I don´t want my legacy to be The Face of Losing. I´m not getting any younger, and I want to play in the World Series, not just meaningful games in September.

This is the offseason that counts. I don´t want to see ownership and the front office ¨wait for the market to develop¨, or ¨look for good value for the contract dollar¨. I want to see the front office identify difference makers and go out and get them, whether by trade or through free agency.

We don´t need All-Stars at every position, but we need table-setters and players who have the power to drive in runs. We need accountability — you produce or are replaced by someone who can. We need professionals with experience to mentor our younger players. And we need them now.

I´m not saying to abandon the plan, but the fans and the players need to know that ownership and the front office are as dedicated as I am to getting to and winning the World Series.

Would this happen? Highly unlikely. But what´s the downside for Wright?

Some friction with the bosses?

So what — he has job security.

David — you´re a great player, but I wish you´d set aside the mask of the politically correct ¨good boy¨ for one day and say what needs to be said.

Think about it.

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