Mets Should Consider Trading Zack Wheeler?

zack wheeler

I thought I needed to have my eyes examined when I came across this article by Andy Martino of the Daily News who asserts that the Mets would be wise to consider trading Zack Wheeler.

Wheeler is an extremely talented pitcher, a gem that you don’t trade unless you receive a strong return. Like, say (and this is just me acting like a talk radio caller for a moment, not reporting on actual talks) David Price from Tampa Bay.  We know that the Rays will think seriously about trading Price this winter, but we do not know if Price — like Johan Santana did once — would consider signing a long-term extension before free agency.

It’s worth checking on, because Price is already the ace that Wheeler might one day become (and Tampa Bay doesn’t mind moving stars for players under control for several seasons). Same with Chris Sale in Chicago. Or perhaps Alderson should contact the agents for Ervin Santana and Matt Garza, and move Wheeler for a top hitter instead.

Martino argues that while nobody argues Wheeler’s talent, you have to make a painful sacrifice in order to acquire a top player.  He also adds that “those who had concerns about his personality fitting the New York market have not changed their minds after observing Wheeler during his rookie season. If anything, those concerns have grown.”

“Inside the clubhouse, the general view of Wheeler during his first season was, really quiet kid, really good arm.  Some teammates would support the idea of a trade, while some would consider it crazy. Same with team officials; there are no objective truths here, only educated risks.”

I don’t really see how the team could possibly entertain the thought of trading Wheeler, especially given the uncertainty surrounding Matt Harvey.

I would trade Noah Syndergaard, who to me is still a ways away, than Wheeler. We are emotionally invested in him and we’ve waited almost two years to see the prize from the Carlos Beltran trade. I’m not ready to give up on him now.

Alderson seems confident with the rotation, and while he intends to add a veteran arm this Winter, he said yesterday that he’d be” very surprised if we go high-end.”

“I think we are going to look for somebody like that can pitch innings for us, fill those spots if we need to fill them, while waiting for some of the younger guys to come along.”

By the way, Harvey is working his butt off at the Hospital for Special Surgery to strengthen his elbow so that he can begin pitching again soon. He remains even more confident that he will get through this without surgery. Alderson isn’t as confident as Harvey is, but ultimately he has no say in the matter and the only decision that matters remains with the player.

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