Mets Fans Seeking A Quantum Of Solace


Quantum: The smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently.

Solace: Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation.

After the Chicago White Sox inked Cuban sensation Jose Dariel Abreu to a six-year, $68 million dollar deal – a fair price for one who is expected to produce like Frank Thomas – my inbox began getting flooded with emails. Okay it wasn’t really a flood, just 11 emails, but still…

All 11 of them pretty much wanted to know one thing: Did any National League teams bid for Jose Abreu?

I thought it was odd because how in the world am I supposed to know that, when all the bids were blind, sealed and opened only by Abreu and his representatives?

But I was a little curious as to why these 11 Met fans needed to know this information especially when you consider that on MMO our message was loud and clear that the Mets would not be involved in the Abreu sweepstakes.

So I replied back to each of them before I retired for the night, and said:

“I’ll give you my answer but not before you tell me why you want to know.”

I got back five replies when I checked my email this morning:

Email #1 – Just curious, I’m not seeing the bidders posted anywhere.

Email #2 – Honestly, I just want to know that the Mets stayed away from him because he wasn’t a good first baseman and not because the Mets are still broke.

Email #3 – Why? You know why!!! I need to know if everything Sandy has been saying since the season ended is sincere or if it was all a crock of shit!!! That’s why!!!!

Email #4 – Joe, this is an important offseason for me and my bond to this team, which has been stretched to it’s limits. I have been hanging my hat on 2014 for the last three years. This was supposed to be the offseason where Sandy would have the flexibility the financial resources and his evaluation of the players in our system would be complete. I’ve put everything I got into this offseason. I’m emotionally invested. I need to know that Sandy Alderson’s words and message will ring true. I need to go into this offseason with some solace. Was tonight an indication of no money or a decision based on whether Abreu can capably play first base? The one thing Sandy stressed was the need for power and a first baseman in his last two interviews. He didn’t even mention the outfield, he specifically said first base and shortstop were the priorities. He said he was in the market for power too. Abreu seemed to fit the mold and the $68 million was not a bank breaker. So do you know if the Mets bid on him or any of the other NL teams?

Email #5 – Because I’m sick of all the lies from the owners and the front office!

Well, there you have it.

Are you looking for a small measure of comfort too?

Do you want to believe?

i want to believe 2

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