Hits & Misses: Wright vs Reyes, Mets Were Out Of The Loop On Harvey, More Models

Check out this post by Joe Janish wrote over at Mets Today where he examines which player has been more durable over he last three years between Jose Reyes and David Wright. The results may shock you – well at least they shocked me.

For all the brouhaha regarding the supposed fragility of Reyes, guess who has played more ballgames over the past three seasons?

Give up? Here’s a surprising fact: the “oft-injured” Jose Reyes has played in 379 games from 2011-2013, while Wright has participated in 370. Reyes made 1721 plate appearances to Wright’s 1609 during that period, and scored 245 runs to Wright’s 214.

Guess who had more total bases in the past three years? Again, it’s Reyes, with 706 to Wright’s 673 — fairly significant considering Reyes played in only 9 more games. As expected, Wright beats Reyes in OBP and OPS, but not by much — .378 and .859 for Wright to Reyes’ .361 / .813. Reyes wins in batting average .306 to .292, as well as stolen bases (94 to 45), doubles (88 to 87), triples (28 to 9), and sacrifice flies (12 to 10); he also grounded into fewer double plays (21 to 31).

There’s a lot more on this to digest at Mets Today so go check it out.


I am sick and tired of reading about models… One minute it’s the Cardinals model, then the next minute it’s the Red Sox model or the Giants model. Why don’t everybody relax and stop pretending the Mets are somehow modeling themselves after any of those teams… To begin, there are no reigning or former MVPs on the Mets that I know of. Our bullpen ranks dead last over the lest three years and are nowhere near the elite level of those other teams. Yes, we had a Cy Young in our rotation like those three, but we traded him 10 months ago. Our leader in wins was Dillon Gee who won a whopping 12 games this season. Those other teams all have mashers… They all have 4-6 players each who posted over an .800 OPS – the Mets had just one, David Wright. So can we cut it out with the models? The only model we have here is the Mets Model… Lets hope it’s a good one whenever we’re finished building it…

I don’t know why, but everytime I see that picture I have to laugh… There’s Carlos Beltran marching into the Mets spring training clubhouse with his knee still wrapped after having surgery two months earlier. The surgery that Mets doctors thought was unnecessary even though he was diagnosed with not only a career threatening condition, but one that could have left him with an eventual knee replacement surgery.

The photo was taken at the height of a really bad era for the Mets with regards to player injuries, misdiagnosis, miscommunications and setbacks. Apparently, all of this was supposed to change – you know – out with the old and in with the new. However the problem is that it hasn’t.

This year alone we had Jon Niese pitching with shoulder, neck and back pain… We had David Wright in the game a day after he clutched his thigh and grimaced in pain only to suffer a full blown hamstring injury in that game that wiped out almost two months of his season. There were similar occurrences with Jeremy Hefner and Jenrry Mejia, who was told it’s okay to pitch with loose bodies and pain in his elbow. Then of course the team’s ace is pitching with a pain in his forearm since before the All Star break and they didn’t think to do an MRI until two months later when it revealed a torn UCL.

The worst part of it seems to be that nobody knows what’s going on. Yesterday it was revealed that the Mets had no idea that Matt Harvey had his Tommy John surgery scheduled for next week. How is that even possible? The Mets were also caught off-guard when Harvey decided to have the surgery. Terry Collins seems to be completely out of the loop on any player’s injury status and admitted that he didn’t know Harvey was being treated for a tight forearm for four weeks in the trainer’s room.

All team have injuries, but not all teams handle them as badly as the Mets do. These missteps don’t happen to such a degree anywhere else. I guess you could call this the Mets Model? 🙂

Have a great day, everybody…

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