All Met Fans Want Is A Team We Can Believe In

Justin Terranova of the New York Post, caught up with TBS and SNY analyst Ron Darling, who breaks down the Dodgers’ chances against the Cardinals and fielded one question about the Mets’ offseason priorities.

Q: What would you like to see the Mets do this offseason?

A: They have to get a starting pitcher with (Matt) Harvey out. Maybe you get a veteran guy out there on a one or two-year deal to help with the younger pitchers, teach them how to be pros. And they need offense, whether you make a big splash or do what the Red Sox did and get some capable pros. The toughest decision for the Mets is what players on the roster they want to keep.

Darling is without a doubt the sharpest mind on SNY. He knows what’s up and in three sentences he sized up exactly what the Mets need to do this offseason.

The Mets need to shed some of these Quad-A players they’ve been parading out there as major leaguers. You know who they are. He’s right, there’s going to be some tough decisions to be made and like most Quad-A players, most of them don’t have a lick of trade value.

Aside from David Wright and Daniel Murphy not one regular batted over .260 this season. And counting Wright and Murphy not one player hit more than 18 home runs. There’s a lot of work to be done.

We had some great comments to draw from today…

TJ says:

I will not judge the Mets by how much they spend. I will judge them on how many holes the have on the Opening Day 2014 roster, meaning replacement level players with jobs they don’t deserve, and how well they provide depth in all areas, starting pitching, bullpen, and positionally. I don’t care what it costs. They can do this without signing any albatross contracts or without depleting the farm, if they really want to compete in 2014.

Joey D. says: 

One of the most common examples we see is Oakland. They are in the same fiscal situation as the Mets and look what they have accomplished. Well, what is overlooked is that the steps that Billy Beane took were totally different than the ones Sandy and his people have taken. Beane did not rely upon his farm system to produce his players nordid he hang on to them rather than trade his young players who were starting to either come into their own or had already established themselves but were entering arbitration or free agency status.

He made things happen.

Nine of the ten position players with 98 or more games played this year came from outside the organization. Three of his five starters came from outside the organization. All but one of his five primary relievers were drafted by Oakland.

And what Beane did was to use many of whom he had as bargaining chips like Gonzalez and those in the minors. And with Gonzalez, it was not for the best player he could get but for a group of players to fill the needs of many holes. If one is going to trade a star, that is the way to go – try to get as many potential quality players in return instead of making a splash with one big draft selection from another organization.

Terri Loves 28 says:

I only went to two games this season and one time was free because of the tickets I won in your contest. (Thanks by the way!) I may not go to any games next season. I only say this because up until 2011 me and my mother were season ticket holders. I love the Mets, but I’m not supporting the Wilpons anymore until I see a real winning baseball team I can believe in.

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sad mets bench

I threw that last comment in there because it was something that came up last night in a podcast I was invited to as a guest called Sounds from Shea by Steve Keane and our own Ed Marcus.

We spent an hour discussing the Mets position by position and tossing around our own ideas and possible solutions. One of the things we all kept going back to is Mets ownership. We talked about how fans are tuning the Mets out. We discussed how the Mets need to do something dramatic to prove to the fans that they mean it when they say this is the offseason where it all happens… That this is the offseason where the handcuffs come off… That this is the offseason where the fan base isn’t being held hostage or seduced by promises that never come to fruition.

It’s hard for us to believe anything that Sandy Alderson and the Wilpons say. There’s a trust factor that’s been broken. There’s always so much posturing going on and everything they say almost always sounds like a scam or a scheme whose primary goal is to squeeze more money out of us.

We all want a team we can believe in, as Terri so aptly stated. But we also want an ownership group and a front office that we can believe in too. It is going to take a lot of work by this front office and the owners to gain our trust back. Too many hollow words and broken promises… We desperately want to believe in this team, but right now there’s so many of us who don’t trust the people running the show. So we put the ball in your court… Go out there this winter and build a team we can believe in.

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