Recker And Brown Have Earned Bench Spots In 2014

anthiny recker

A good bench sometimes goes unappreciated in baseball these days — but we all know that they can make or break a winning team. This 2013 Mets team might have felt like a patchwork team for the most part, but we saw how some pieces worked out okay. Marlon Byrd, the best of the crew, was shipped off to Pittsburgh recently — and he was probably the steal of the offseason. It was easy to point out Marlon Byrd’s success since it put in consider However, guys like Andrew Brown and Anthony Recker go unappreciated in lost seasons like this one because their success finds itself on a smaller scale.

Andrew Brown started off his work with the Mets slow this season, partially because he was moved between Triple-A and the MLB and had erratic gaps with his at-bats. However, he’s recently found success over a consistent string of at-bats — both pinch-hitting and making starts off the bench. Over his last 48 ABs, he’s batting .313 (15-for-48) with three doubles, three home runs, 13 RBI, and a stolen base. Brown has six long balls in 114 ABs this season.

In a similar vein, Anthony Recker has been a surprising source of power for the Mets as a back-up catcher, slamming six home runs in 114 ABs as well. He’s blown away his previous career high of…one. Recker has a history of power in the minors, however, so it isn’t a surprising number.

A little pop off the bench never hurts and both players could be resigned to be role players next year. Brown has the flexibility to play the corner outfield spots and first base, while Recker provides a back-up catcher that isn’t an automatic out at the plate and seems to work well with the staff. I’m a fan of keeping a back-up catcher consistent over the years because they can build a good relationship with the pitching staff.

What do you guys think? Do you feel like they’ve proven their worth around here?