Matt Harvey to Sandy Alderson: The Future Starts Now, Pallie

matt harveySandy Alderson looked a little green sitting next to Matt Harvey during Tuesday evening’s press conference to announce that no, the young ace won’t go under the knife and miss the next year, thank you very much.

Harvey took a look at the long term, at the constant punting of the Mets seasons, of the endless nagging talk of future seasons and evaluating talent and incremental nibbling.

Harvey calmly threw the chin music at Alderson and his incessant caution and dissembling. Nope, I’ll take the ball, Sandy. Make your trades, do the signings, and get this thing going.

Sure it may not work out. The green light from Dr. James Andrews – and seriously, Jerry Seinfeld, you’ve never heard of Dr. Andrews? – may just yield more heartache down the road. Harvey may yet lie upon the surgeon’s table as the blades saw into his elbow.

But for today, Matt Harvey signaled this: No more waiting.

And his target was sitting next to him, the lawyerly West Coast administrator who has a chance to be the only GM in Mets history to endure declining records in each of his first three years. Sure, Alderson is hand-cuffed by his ownership’s financial woes – but he hasn’t exactly been lights-out with what he’s had to work with either.

Given the opening from the arm cutter in Florida, Harvey took the bold path. He’ll pitch his arm back into shape and go into the Spring at the head of this rotation.

And Harvey sent a clear message. No more caution. No more evaluation. No more waiting. Let’s Go!

Baseball culture has become so future-oriented with so many endless lists of prospect rankings – and it’s a zombie infection that claimed the Mets in the Alderson Era. Harvey’s message by skipping surgery is clear – play for the here and now, play for the win, change this team. And with that, Sandy Alderson is finally on the hot seat.

I almost stood and cheered.

matt harvey i got this

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