Featured Post: Are Dillon Gee and Jon Niese Keepers or Trade Bait?

dillon geeMets starting pitcher Jonathon Niese

Who’s ready for another Mets offseason? Well like it or not, here it comes. This particular offseason has already got me feeling a little edgy compared to past ones since Sandy Alderson took the reins. I wasn’t really expecting much before and I knew we were dismantling and rebuilding even though Sandy would never say as much.

However, this is the offseason I’ve been waiting for… This is the one where we’ve been conditioned to believe that all the bad parts would be replaced, some new stars would be signed, and our top prospects would have arrived. That would lead up to our first winning season in 2014. So yeah, I’m nervous… I don’t want to be let down. Although we’ve had our ups and downs, I’ve trusted Sandy so far, but now it’s time for him to deliver.

With that in mind, it appears that two veterans or holdovers from the past regime are frequently mentioned as potential trade chips as the Mets look to fill offensive gaps throughout their lineup. I’m talking about Jon Niese and Dillon Gee. Honestly, I don’t see why everyone wants to trade two of the more consistent pitchers in our rotation, especially Gee who has taken a huge step forward in 2013.

Gee, 27, leads the team with 31 starts and 12 wins while posting a 3.54 ERA this season. He has allowed one run or less in 15 of those starts – just one of seven major league pitchers to have accomplished that this season. Since May 30, when he mowed down 12 New York Yankees, his ERA stands at a very pristine 2.42.

Niese, 26, on the other hand, has had an uneven season, but still has a respectable 3.81 ERA in 22 starts. He also has three years and a $10 million option left on that team-friendly five year contract he got from Sandy. He also happens to be the only lefthander in the Mets rotation.

How do you view Gee and Niese? I decided to put that question to our writers a week ago and here is what they had to say.

Are Dillon Gee and Jon Niese keepers or trade bait?

David – To see what Niese did after he came back he is definitely a keeper and without knowing if we’ll have Harvey next season, I see no reason to even attempt to get rid of Gee who is a valuable player and is showing his worth with a strong second half.

Joe S. – I would keep as much pitching as possible unless something extraordinary comes their way (Stanton?). It’s better to have too much pitching than not enough.

Connor – They are both absolutely keepers. Not only will they be under control for a number of years going forward, but they have been fantastic as of late. The Mets have a real strength in their pitching staff, which is hard to attain, but very easy to lose.

Xtreem – Impossible to answer without a proposed trade. Would they be involved in a deal for Profar or Stanton? The only thing I can say with certainty is that they certainly have earned and deserve a spot in the rotation and there’s no chance I’d trade them for prospects or to “get younger.” That said, if they need to be dealt to improve in other needed areas, it has to be considered.

Rob C. – Gee and Niese are both exceptional 3-4 starters. I say keep them until the youngsters (Thor & Montero) prove themselves. Obviously, if you can get someone like Giancarlo Stanton by throwing in Gee, you have to do it.

Jacob – Ooh tough question. If I’m correct, the Mets have put Niese on the market before and discussed trades with numerous teams, so I say keep Gee trade Niese. Jonathan is a southpaw with a nice change up and a devastating curve, so what couldn’t the Mets get for him?

Gerry – Gee and Niese are now the veteran guts of the rotation. I see them as keepers. Sandy will sign a veteran arm of a higher quality than usual to add to the mix, and we will see Montero by mid-season.

Andre – At this point, with Matt Harvey´s injury, they are keepers for 2014. If two of Rafael Montero, Jenrry Mejia and Noah Syndergaard establish themselves as rotation fixtures for 2015 and beyond, Gee could become trade bait by mid-summer.

So what do you have to say on the matter?

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