Cuban Slugger Jose Abreu Officially Declared A Free Agent


Updating this Fan Shot by by Long Suffering Met Fan with this breaking news…

Jesse Sanchez of is reporting that Cuban first baseman Jose Dariel Abreu has officially been declared a free agent and is now eligible to sign with any Major League club.

MLB Trade Rumors adds that Abreu “promises to become one of the most sought-after right-handed bats” on the free agent market.

The San Francisco Giants are considered to be the heavy favorites as they look to power themselves back into the post season in 2014. The Mets were initially considered to be one of the teams interested, but those rumors have since petered out.


  1. He is only 26, so unlike the other free agents, Abreu will still be relatively young in year five of his contract.
  2. He is not going to cost the Mets a first or second round draft pick, because he’s not coming off another team’s roster.
  3. He can hit the cover off the ball, unlike any current Met, current prospect, or the current free agent class.
  4. He will permanently resolve our first base issue, leaving Ike Davis or Lucas Duda to trade or compete for a LF/RF spot.
  5. He will not cost quite as much, because he brings no major league experience. Hunter Pence, Shin-Soo Choo and Jacoby Ellsbury will be high-priced tickets.
  6. He won’t cost us any of our best prospects, best pitchers, or and player for that matter.
  7. With over $50 million coming off the books, the Mets can sign Abreu for around $10-$12 million a year and still have plenty left over for other Free Agents.
  8. Wilpon has claimed that, with the Madoff mess cleared up, he is going to let Sandy Alderson spend some money this year. (Here’s there chance to prove it.)
  9. It would really suck if the Phillies, Yankees, or Red Sox sign Abreu, and he hits 30 Home Runs and has 90 RBI next season.
  10. We’re not going to find a shortstop who can hit like him, so you might as well spend the money at first base.
  11. There are no guarantees that anybody will succeed in New York (aka Jason Bay), so you might as well sign the guy with the highest ceiling AND who will cost the least.
  12. Everything else that the Met’s have tried (for the past 10 years) has failed, so why not go out and get him? I hereby nominate José Dariel Abreu as the Mets Opening Day first baseman in 2014.

Need I say more?


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