There’s Literally No Chance That Beltran Returns To Mets

carlos beltran

I just read this mailbag piece on MetsBlog who if asked Sandy Alderson would consider bringing Carlos Beltran back to Flushing on a one or two year deal and finish his career as a Met?

I would imagine that if it were at all possible, more than two-thirds of Met fans would love to have Beltran back and patrolling right field.

In Matt Cerrone’s response to the question he says, “my understanding is that he wouldn’t sign here again unless he’s overpaid. I think issues he had with the Mets were less with this front office and more with the previous group, regarding surgeries, communication, etc.”

First, any premium player would seek to be overpaid to sign with the Mets, even David Wright. So that really has no bearing. The best players available in free agency always draw the most suitors and in turn it drive the prices for his services up. This is not exclusive to Carlos Beltran.

Second, I took issue with the swipe at the previous front office or “group” as he calls it. I left this comment in response to that quote on MetsBlog and wanted to share it here:

Matt you are very wrong in Beltran’s relationship with the previous group. He and Minaya are the best of friends and Beltran’s problems stemmed exclusively with Jeff and Fred Wilpon who never had anything good to say about him during his last 3-4 years with the Mets.

This includes two major whisper campaigns waged against him by Mets ownership, including the Walter Reed Hospital flap which began when they told reporters they were very unhappy Beltran could not attend (event was voluntary). Beltran was at another charity event for the school he built in Puerto Rico at the time and had visited Walter Reed in previous seasons.

When former GM Omar Minaya called to wish Beltran luck on the night before his knee surgery, it was Wilpon who blew a gasket and created the drama that ensued.

I don’t think there’s any chance Beltran comes back as much as I’d love that to happen.

But it has nothing to to do with this front office or the last one and everything to do with the man who signs the checks at SNY.


Beltran is currently batting .303 with a .518 slugging percentage which ranks fifth in the league. In 396 at-bats this season, Beltran has 20 home runs, 61 RBI and 60 runs scored.

There a very high likelihood that the St. Louis Cardinals will offer him a two-year deal after the season and at the very least make him a qualifying offer which will could cost a new team their first or second round pick.

There’s little chance if any that Beltran will return to the Mets, and it has nothing to do with the “previous group” and everything to do with current ownership.

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