MMO Fan Shot: I’m Sorry Sandy, But You Blew It

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After reading an article by Joe D., who was very pleased with how Sandy Alderson handled himself in the days leading up to the Trade Deadline, I wrote him and asked if I could submit a rebuttal. He was kind enough to allow me that courtesy and encouraged me to fire away. So fire away, I shall.

I’m sorry Sandy, but you blew it.

I take no joy in the fact that Marlon Byrd is still a Met. Please don’t take that to mean that I’m not appreciative of what Byrd has accomplished for this team thus far, because I’ve been ecstatic over the incredible offense he has provided. I’ll even go as far as saying that I shudder to think how much worse we’d be in the standings without his offensive and occasional defensive exploits. Byrd may in fact be the best value signing that Alderson has made since taking over as Mets GM. It was a bold gamble that has paid off handsomely for both Byrd and the Mets.

marlon byrd

My big problem here is that we were not able to capitalize and sell high on Byrd for a player that could have helped this team in 2014 and beyond, and maybe even this season as well.

With every home run that Byrd has belted, and with every baserunner that Byrd has driven in, all I kept thinking about was how his trade value kept climbing. Surely there would be at least a half dozen teams that would look at his 17 homers and 60 RBI and pay dearly to add his bat to bolster their postseason chances – even as a rental.

It was reported that Arizona, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles (NL), Oakland, Pittsburgh and Texas were all interested in Byrd at varying degrees. It was also reported that several of those teams made last ditch efforts to try and acquire Byrd, and all of them were given counteroffers by Sandy. Obviously, none accepted his demands.

Looking at some of the more recent prices paid for rentals, including what we got for Carlos Beltran, would it be outlandish to think we might have been able to get a team’s number 10-20 ranked prospect for Byrd? It makes my mouth water just thinking of pawning Byrd off for a chance to get one of those prospects from Top 10 Farm Systems like Arizona. Pittsburgh, Boston or Texas.

I took a look at some of the Mets players who are currently ranked at numbers 10-20. Would you trade Byrd even up for Jack Leathersich, Jayce Boyd, Cory Mazzoni or Kevin Plawecki?

You bet you would!

Was it another case of holding out for a top five prospect, which then would explain why Byrd is still a Met?

I don’t really know, but I’m compelled to believe that was the case.

We’ll never know for sure what all those teams offered Sandy Alderson for Byrd, but I would have to believe that any of them would have included something of greater value in 2014 than a Marlon Byrd re-run. And on that front, you are all aware that Byrd’s remarkable season is completely unsustainable right?

His strikeout rate alone which stands at 28.5% and is at a career-high is just one of many red flags. No need to bring up his low walk rate as well, but what concerns me most is his BABIP of .350+ and a homerun rate that is double his career norm.

Here are three questions for you.

  1. Would you bet $100 that Marlon Byrd will sustain his first half success in August and September? Neither would I.
  2. Would you give Marlon Byrd a $13 million dollar qualifying offer to ensure a compensation pick if he signs with another team? Neither would I.
  3. Would you give Marlon Byrd $5 million to return next season? Again, neither would I.

Which leaves us with the dissatisfying conclusion that not trading Byrd was a failure to execute by Sandy Alderson.

I rest my case.

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