Wright’s Gold Glove Defense Begins With His Glove

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves

David Wright ready for whatever comes at him armed with his Wilson A2K Glove.

wright a2k glove

David Wright Wilson A2K Signature Glove

  • Most noticeable difference is the color scheme. He uses an orange tan coloring for the glove itself, with blue lacing and blue bindings to make it specific to the New York Mets and him.
  • The DW5 was created with extra-long fingers giving Wright as much lateral range as possible
  • Has a Pro H web, used by many infielders.
  • Since youth baseball, has used a Wilson glove.
  • Started with the Wilson A2000, now has the A2K – improvement on the A2000, particularly with the leather used.

wright glove 2 wright glove 1

General Glove Information

  • The position you play is the biggest factor in your glove decision. An infielder needs to have a glove with an open web to help make the quick play. Generally, the pocket is not as deep so it’s easier to get the ball out for the throw to make the out.
  • An outfielder is more concerned with the glove being a bigger target. In a game of inches, having a bigger glove to corral a fly ball or for a diving catch could be the difference in an out or extra base hit.
  • First base and catchers have specialized gloves. A first base glove is more rounded to make it easier to dig the ball out of the dirt and make a play off a bad throw or other situation.
  • A pitcher’s glove is a mix of an infield and outfield mitt with a closed web, so batters can’t see their grip on the ball or how they are moving it.
  • A glove is very personal to each individual. The player wants it to be HIS glove. He doesn’t want others to even touch it and modify in any way. It needs to fit the hand perfectly, so don’t want anyone else to use it, stretch it out, etc. If someone with a larger hand puts your glove on, it’s going to make the fit feel different which could throw your fielding off.

Professional Glove Information

  • Professional players make a living on performance and can lose their job by making errors. The glove for infielders is probably the most important piece of equipment that they’re going to use. It needs to be as precise as possible. An infielder can tell if his glove has been tampered with even just a little bit.
  • Pocket depth is key for infielders. A player may have 4-5 gloves that will never see the game field. They’ll use them for practice, to play catch or shag flyballs so the pocket on the gamer doesn’t get too deep.
  • Finding the glove is personal and serves as an extension of your hand. Some major leaguers will use the same glove until it literally falls apart, some will break in a new one every year, its personal preference.
  • Rawlings and Wilson are the two gloves used the most in the Major Leagues. Both produce player models, like David Wright’s, that are exact models that MLB players use.

Breathable baseball gloves can make all the difference.

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