Thoughts on Sandy’s Conference Call and the Trade Deadline

sandy aldersonHere is a summary of what Sandy Alderson had to say during his conference call that concluded a short while ago.

He did not make any moves today because the players that will help the Mets win this season still have a certain value to the team and that the return on trading those players did not reflect that same value.

He basically reiterated what I have been saying all along particularly on Marlon Byrd and that is he has much more value to the Mets than he did to any other team in baseball. Needless to say, Byrd was the most in-demand player, but in the end he remained a Met…

Byrd’s impact on this team cannot be understated and shoveled off for a B or C level prospect. I also said this would be Alderson’s mindset all along based on what I was hearing from people connected to the team. As I said a few days ago, it was time for Sandy to change the perception that the Mets were stuck in a perpetual rebuild. He understands the team needs to start winning now.

So in the end, Alderson was not prepared to weaken the team’s offense for something that wouldn’t benefit the team in the short term and had a high risk of not helping at all in the longterm either. In other words, what was being offered were not top prospects or MLB ready prospects.

“We never got to a point where we were really tempted to pull the trigger,” he said.

This morning I discussed building a winning momentum, and wouldn’t you know it here is what Sandy said on the call.

“If we can create some momentum this season, whether it results in a playoff run or not, that will have a more positive effect on organization and our fans than acquiring a few mid-level prospects.”


I spent over an hour today trying to get a few people to understand how important that was. But the base has a huge portion of prospect drunk fans that have their heads always in the clouds and looking too far away.

There were some hits on Bobby Parnell, but nothing serious. And then he said the same exact thing I’ve been saying from jump street.

“Why would we trade a closer when we’ve been looking for one for so long?”

Again… Bravo, Mr. Alderson…

Still, that doesn’t mean he’s untouchable or anything like that, but the man understands that closers are not as easy to get as so many seem to think. We haven’t developed a closer since Randy Myers. Let that sink into your head for minute…

Sandy Alderson said the Mets have gone from a “fairly barren” outfield to the most productive outfield in in baseball. And how would that have been possible without Marlon Byrd? I couldn’t believe how man fans felt that he only a had 2-3 win impact on this team based on WAR. Are you kidding me?

Anyway, that the gist of it…

I’m very happy that Alderson is now shifting gears into developing a contender which bodes well for a very exciting offseason.  With Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler already here, and even more elite prospects on the way, things are looking up. All the arrows are pointing up. You can choose to wallow in your misery or jump on the Mets bandwagon and take a look at  the exciting things that are starting to happen.

lets go mets dog

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