So Where Are All Those Moneyball Players…Take 2?

I cannot help but remember back in mid-May when ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin commented in his blog about the lack of “moneyball” players the Mets have signed since Sandy Alderson took the reigns in New York.

That post by Rubin sparked this conversation on MMO.

First, I think the phrase “moneyball” players is a little silly. Essentially what Adam is asking is, where are the undervalued players signed to reasonable deals that are outperforming their contract?

That’s the issue Rubin had when he said “It sure would be nice to have a few more Lyle Overbay types.”

That got me thinking, since today is clearly Marlon Byrd appreciation day at MMO – lets talk a deeper look at not just Byrd’s season to date, but also the other corner OF’s the Mets could have signed as a free agent. Oh, and just for fun – I added Lyle Overbay.

jessep chart

Seems to me, the Mets could have done a lot worse not only in terms of player production but in contracts offered?

Sure, Byrd is just one example and every GM has his plus moves and minus moves and we can debate forever every single transaction ever made.

The truth is, guys like Byrd, Jeremy Hefner, LaTroy Hawkins and David Aardsma are four examples on this roster of the type of undervalued move the Mets are capable of making.

I’m no moneyball expert (if there is such a thing as somebody who reads a book well?), but I believe Marlon Byrd is the “moneyball player” you’re looking for Mr. Rubin.

Perhaps we can call him, Moneyball Marlon?

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