Mets Well Represented In Top 5 In Jersey Sales

According to and Major League Baseball, the Mets have two of the five most popular jerseys purchased this season.

Probably to nobody’s surprise, Matt Harvey finds himself #5 on this list, but quite frankly to my surprise, David Wright is ranked #4 on the list!

Jersey sales are a funny thing. Often times when a player changes teams you’ll note a spike in jersey sales, but this year’s doesn’t really represent anything like that.

The Mets rank 20th in average attendance this year, yet two of their players are seemingly some of the most popular players in today’s game.

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few years about whether or not David Wright is a superstar. In order to be a superstar, you need to have extreme popularity along with a high level of talent and performance.

It’s hard to argue against that criteria when it comes to Wright & Harvey.

The entire list consisted of Buster Posey, Mariano Rivera, Yadier Molina, David Wright, Matt Harvey, Bryce Harper, Derek Jeter, Manny Machado, Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig.

Reports that Pittsburgh fans are upset with Major League Baseball for including Bryce Harper on this list and not Pedro Alvarez are unconfirmed.

Congratulations to David Wright & Matt Harvey!

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