Hawkins Was Unavailable Due To “Triceps Issue”

latroy hawkins

For those wondering why Gonzalez Germen was the go-to guy in Friday’s extra-innings frenzy, LaTroy Hawkins was unavailable due to a “triceps issue”.

According to ESPN’s Adam Rubin:

“Collins said the 40-year-old Hawkins has been battling the issue since going two innings and registering an uncharacteristically high 94-95 mph on the radar gun in a two-inning appearance at Milwaukee last Saturday…Hawkins had renewed trouble when he tried to warm up early in Friday’s game, according to the manager.”

The words “renewed trouble” don’t sound too promising. Let’s hope this doesn’t linger and Hawkins just needs a few extra days. The bullpen is on life support as is, and it certainly won’t be improving if one of its veteran arms goes down.