Harvey To Skip Next Start, Torres Will Pitch Saturday Against Pirates

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Terry Collins announced to reporters in his pre-game press conference that Carlos Torres will start in place of Matt Harvey on Saturday against the Pirates.

Going straight to my chief concern, Collins said it had partly to do with the team’s concern of innings pitched and that the team is now seeking to cut down Harvey’s workload for the second half as I have been clamoring for the last month.

Harvey has accumulated 130 innings thus far and was on pace for 250 innings this season. It looks like they will try to keep that number around 200 which is great to hear.

As for the blister?

“It’s no excuse for my poor pitching,” Harvey explained after his last start. “I feel fine with it, so I’ve just got to figure some things out and get back out there.”

Harvey will still be able to start Tuesday’s All Star Game at Citi Field if Bruce Bochy asks him to, which is perfectly fine now that we know the blister is not a big concern. The skipped start helps Harvey on multiple levels, and we all get to see him pitch in the All Star Game.

It’s a win-win-win situation…

Updated 10:30 AM

Yesterday while covering the team at AT&T Park, there was lots of buzz was circulating about Matt Harvey, baseball’s most famous blister, comments made by Terry Collins, things said by SNY, and some other stuff we picked up along the way.

Why, Oh Why…

Why is it that the most obvious solutions to some of the team’s problems are always so invisible and impenetrable to the Mets?

Is it their plan to trip all over themselves as they so often do? Is that the plan? Is that the grand scheme of things? Or is it something else?

How much of this ridiculous never-ending drama is real or speculative? Fiction or non-fiction? News or melodrama?

We oftentimes wonder, why do these things always keep happening to the Mets?

If You Can’t Find News, Create It Yourselves…

The truth is that the Mets have no more problems than any other major league team does. But with outlets like SNY doing anything they can for ratings and hits on their blogs, making mountains out of mole hills is now the norm. Their recipe is really quite simplistic.

  • Step One: Blow some smoke or throw some sh*t at the wall and see if it sticks.
  • Step Two: Exploit the drama through all SNY outlets both on the air, through the blog network, and attack hard on social media.
  • Step Three: Rile up the fan base and stoke the fire until it reaches a frenzied and fevered pitch.
  • Step Four: Begin to complain about the drama and start looking like the voices of reason.
  • Step Five: Exhale. You did your job well. Go cash your Wilpon endorsed checks.

The Truth Files

Matt Harvey has a blister on his hand that has been bothering him for the last two starts.

While those last two starts were not vintage Harvey, lets not act as though they were “The Sky Is Falling” starts or even bad starts. They weren’t.

We have the All Star Break coming. Maybe we can use this opportunity to rest Harvey who has already racked up 130 innings this season and is on pace for 250 innings. (Now there’s a good idea.)

As of this writing, there are no less than 40 other pitchers in MLB dealing with a blister. Shocking isn’t it?

Why just last season alone, six Mets pitchers had blisters too, although none nearly as famous as Matt Harvey’s.

But these are the Mets. They have their own cable and blog network that needs to generate cash because the team is still losing revenue at the turnstiles (what turnstiles?). Lets milk this for all that we can.

Implement Operation Sanity

Look, I don’t know of any Met fan who doesn’t want to see Matt Harvey pitch and even start in the All Star Game.

But let’s not put some silly exhibition over and above what the best course of action for Harvey would be.

That he was named to the All Star Team is an honor that will stay with him forever. It’s a historical fact. If he plays and does well, great. If he doesn’t play, it doesn’t diminish the fact that he’s one of the National League’s top pitchers and he will always be a 2013 All Star.

Let the Mets’ trainers or medical team decide what is best for Harvey. Let them decide if he should start against the Pirates, skip that start, and whether he gets the all-clear for pitching in the All Star Game. That’s how well-run organizations do things.

Take this decision out of the hands of Terry Collins, Matt Harvey, WFAN and SNY.

For crying out loud, lets stop acting like a pack of drama queens and divas for every little damn thing …

Original Post 7/9

Last night at 3:40 AM, MMO’s Daniel Nelson texts me from AT&T Park to tell me that Matt Harvey has been dealing with a blister on his right index finger for the last few starts, and that there’s a good chance that he could miss his final start before the All-Star Break.

During his post game presser, Terry Collins told a bunch of very tired beat writers that the team will “probably going back off on his ace or not have him pitch, one or the other.” By back off he meant and extra day of rest and a limited pitch count.

Harvey explains…

“It kind of started not the last start, but the start before,” Harvey said. “It’s no excuse for my poor pitching. And I feel fine with it. I just have to figure some things out and get back out there.”

He intends on preparing for his next outing on against the Pirates on Saturday as though everything is normal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mets caution on the side of safety and have him skip the start altogether.

Harvey threw a season high 121 pitches last night for the second time this season, the last being back in April. He didn’t figure into the decision in last night’s 16-inning marathon, in which he allowed three runs in seven innings.

Also… I wonder if this puts the kibosh on him possibly starting the All Star Game?

Last night Bruce Bochy said he pretty much made up his mind on who would start the All Star Game for his National League squad and that Harvey’s performance last night had no bearing on that.

Do you think Harvey should go ahead and start the All Star Game if selected, or should the Mets insist he takes it easy and perhaps pitches just one inning?

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